Procrastination {Strength} Workouts

I’m trying to find my motivation to get back into running. I’m still working on my Best Damn Race recap, but the low motivation goes all the way there. I’ll spoil it by sharing that it wasn’t my best race. I did enjoy the finish and I was able to run the entire thing without stopping/walking – but I also haven’t felt the need to lace up my sneakers and “get revenge” like I have in the past. Running ruts suck.

I’ve have been really excited about some of the new workouts I’ve been testing out recently though – so there that — and I thought I would share. I admit, I’m kind of a wuss when I comes to trying out new things, especially if they are complex, so you’ll note that these workout are simple.

The first one is a Kettlebell workout. I love Kettlebells and I’ve been going to the gym on Friday after work specifically to use them (because like 4 people are there – opposed to 40 – and we only have one set of KBs). I wish my gym had a KB class. They are so fun and also kick your ass.


Some helpful videos:

The second workout is a one I do when I don’t have a lot of time, but I want to do something intense.



I’m proud to say that I am able to do 10 of those 20 pushups (each rep) as REAL pushups. I also finally taught (conditioned?) myself how to do a real burpee. For the longest time I was doing modified ones because I found it incredibly difficult to jump out (I would step out and then jump back in). I think it’s because my legs take up 75% of my body. So while I have been totally sucking on the running front, I have been getting stronger in other ways, I suppose.

Still, I miss wanting to and enjoying running. Please tell me it will come back some day…


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