10K Me…Maybe?

While I have once again discovered the love of running… I have also discovered how miserable it is to run in the heat AND 100% humidity (more like 500% humidity).


I was actually spoiled a few weeks ago (ha – if you want to call it that) and had a chance to run Mississippi (with my coworker) where the weather was PERFECT (yes, it was still a little humid, but the temps were in the 60s). Coming back was a harsh reality, but hey – there was running!



And then I got back here and WOW. It is so incredibly miserable right now that I am ACTUALLY SWEATING during my run. Mostly in my crotchal region, of which I don’t have a picture – so you’re just going to have to believe me.

Sidenote: I DID finally get to run with this lady in Orlando — FINALLY. Char’s only lived here for 9 months now (and is ironically back in Canada for 6 weeks as I write this). We both wanted to die during our run, but we survived.


So, while it’s been more miserable than usual, I decided that it would be an AWESOME idea to sign up to run a 10k in July.

I’m a genius!

Not only that — but I’ve convinced a few others friends to run it too. Including this lady (basically because I bought it for her as a birthday gift and I am forcing her . #friendship).


This is us not sweating or wearing running clothes.

It will actually be our first race together in an eternity (since Space Coast, I think?) and I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT.

I’m also excited about running with the East Orlando Mom Runs this Town group. I am still on a runner’s high thanks to them — and currently running 2-3 times a week.


Some of the ladies are just about to start training for Chicago and I have to admit, I am CRAZY jealous. For the record, I STILL have all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings about Chicago. Anyone want to run it in 2016 with me?

Ummm back to reality… 10Ks are where it’s at with me right now. I actually might do another 10K in August too (which, it’s beyond crazy — more like”you are f*cking insane woman” terrority.) and I’m searching for more. Maybe 10Ks will become my thing? I know it’s definitely NOT marathons and 5Ks. However, 10Ks are long enough where you feel like you deserve the beer — and are less expensive than halfs.

We’ll see.

Unrelated… this kid finally got a haircut.


I’m in denial that he actually looks like a little boy and not a baby. I’m also in denial that I’m about to turn 37. Where did that birthday come from?

What distance do you love???


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