OUC Half Marathon Recap

Date: 12/4/10
Time: 2:00:18 – PR!

Finally recapping my most recent race. This one should be quick :)

The OUC Half Marathon took place in Orlando, Fl (home sweet home) on December 4th. There wasn’t an expo and I didn’t pick up my packet – so nothing to report there! The race is run by Track Shack and pretty well managed. The frills are minimal, but the race also only cost me $40 – so no complaints there.

When I picked Paula up @ 6, my car said it was 39 degrees outside. Yay? At the last minute I threw on leggings under my shorts and I’m so glad I did. I looked like a dork, but my legs were happy with me.

The race started a few minutes late – but nothing to complain about (see Reindeer Run). Paula and I started in the 8 minute pace group – even though I’m a 9-minute pacer – and I promised myself I wouldn’t start too fast. Ha. I immediately lost Paula and didn’t find her again until after the race. On of these days we are actually going to run together. I definitely started off way to fast and realized this when I looked down at my Garmin about a half a mile in. I also realized at this point that I forgot to reset my Garmin from last run. Idiot! So I spend 20-30 seconds trying to reset it. Did I mention this was my first race with my Garmin (which, by the way, still needs a name). I could have used those seconds later, so I’m really kicking myself.

Overall, the race was pretty smooth. I felt good about my pacing. I wasn’t aiming for any particular time – I just wanted to finish at (or around) 2:05. I was a little disappointed that nobody from my  family came out to cheer me on, but I guess it was cold. I’ll have to make them feel guilty so they will definitely come out next year.

I actually look half decent here. Minus the awesome camel toe I am rockin’

Mile 11 hit and once again I slowed down. Not terribly bad — I kept my pace at/under 10:00, but I wanted to be done. How do people run marathons again? I guess they start out at a slower pace! I have to admit, I was a little confused about the end of the race. Because my Garmin was off, I couldn’t tell it was the end until I saw the sign (about 200m from the finish). I normally kick it up a notch about about a half a mile away – but not this time. Bummer!

Race #3 – Done!

I did feel good finishing though – especially because I really wasn’t trying to PR! Of course, I am kicking myself about the Garmin – I probably could have finished sub 2:00!! That’s my goal my next race — Melbourne Half Marathon — I’m looking at YOU.

For some reason there are like 800 (ok maybe 5) pictures of me finishing this race. I guess they were excited that I finally crossed the finish line! Here are just a few…

I’m floating

There are more – I will spare you. Maybe they thought I was going to start flying or something?

In summary – Good race. I could have done with the cobblestone (my ankles were SO angry at me), but I will definitely do this one again. I think they could have offered more food at the end (the 5Ks apparently ate all of the bananas), but I could have celebrated with a beer if I wanted to. At 9am in the morning. Hmmm…I passed.

I did eventually find Paula who also PR’d. You go girl! I also found my friend/coworker John who ran his first half in 2:09. Super proud of him! Especially because he was running with a bum foot in Sketchers! Boy needs some new running shoes! Hopefully, they are on his Christmas list.

Showing off our bling


  1. Eat, Watch, Run says

    P.S. When Michelle says she "lost me" what she really means is she rocketed past me with her turbo boost shoes.

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