At Least There Was Napping

My alarm went off this morning 6 and I SERIOUSLY contemplated rolling over and going back to bed. I told myself that I could go to the gym after B’s soccer game and that I REALLY didn’t feel like running. Something in me fought back though and I got up. Maybe a part of me knew I really wouldn’t have the energy to go to the gym right before lunch. Whatever it was – I’m I went.

I ran 6 very slow miles (pretty much at a 10:00/mile pace). My legs were tired and I thought about quitting at least 3 times. At my turnaround I saw a random 5K starting and it pushed me to keep going. I ran “with” the runners (on the opposite side of the sidewalk) for about a mile and then just dug and deep and finished the last 2 miles. Today was a mentally tough run. I wasn’t in it at all, but I definitely don’t regret it. I do think it’s the hard runs (whether physical or mental) that makes you stronger.

B’s soccer game was at 10 today (hello hot!), so we left the house @ 9:30 in order to make a Starbucks run (I am addicted to their breakfast sandwiches). We made it to the game just in time because parking was a pain! I definitely prefer 8:30 games.





The best part of the game is when they line up to High Five. So cute!

After the game we hit up Target where I bought these “so ugly they’re cute” espadrilles. Not needed, but they are super comfy – and my feet as all about comfy these days.


After a quick lunch and watching half of the movie Up, it was NAPTIME! The kids were WORN OUT from this morning and didn’t fight me for even a second. I even got a nap in too, which honestly sucked. I kept drifting to sleep and then waking up. Plus, my bunion is KILLING me today. Not worth it – but oh well. At least the kids slept.

Now, we are finishing up Up (love this movie) and possibly going outside to play in the HOT FL sunshine (L is insisting on wearing her boots) before the kiddos kill each other inside.

Tonight — the hubby is planning on watching the first Orlando Magic Playoff game (Go Magic!!), while I get a few margaritas with Tracy! Love my girl time :)

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


  1. Lisa says

    Again with the tank tops… oy. :) I have yet to reach the point that I can run a “leisurely” 6 miles as you did. 6 miles is where I have maxed out, of course I have only trained for a 10K and nothing beyond it, I just don’t know if I have the drive like you do… I DO enjoy reading your stories though, as I can just sort of live vicariously through you instead and just go for 3 mile runs and kickbox my way out of more than that. lol.

    • Lisa says

      btw- what do I need to do to be notified when/if you reply? i haven’t figured that out yet on this new website.. do I just subscribe?

      • crazyrunninglegs says

        I have been trying to figure that out! Ha ha. I think I just activated something that will notify you. Let me know if you get an email from me!

    • crazyrunninglegs says

      Believe me – I wish it wasn’t AS warm as it right now. I am NOT looking foward to this summer!

      I think that racing has REALLY been my motivation — and trying to get that sub-2 hour time for my half! It becomes very addicting.

      You know, I have NEVER been to a kickboxing class? That sounds kinda scary to me!

  2. Lisa says

    Yes, I got email replies!! Love kickboxing, if you can, try a class. I find it does carry over and help with my endurance in running. I’m planning to do a 5k in a few weeks, we’ll see what that translates to from there. Back before kids, like you I was so motivated and trying to better times , etc. Now with Tims work schedule I am lucky to get in one run outside a week, and I just cannot train on the treadmill. I would rather stick hot pokers in my eyes, hence my love of kickboxing and most any other class with good music ( I.e not yoga or pilates lol). Okay , enough babbling from me!

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