What I’ve Learned

This weekend was off to a busy start with B’s graduation and it’s not slowing down any time soon!

To be honest, I’ve been in a funk since yesterday afternoon and I’m struggling to get out of it. I’m super emotional. My fuse is short. My kids are driving me insane. I have not exercised today and I cannot wait until my run tomorrow because I have some serious angst to get out. I have definitely NOT been the perfect mother and I am taking as many deep breaths as I can to muddle through day.

While looking at B’s pictures from last night and this morning – I’ve found some peace. I have learned an infinite amount of life lessons from my son and here are a few recent ones…

There’s a time to be silly and a time to be serious. When leading 23 other kids to the stage serious is the name of the game.



Screaming children will make you cry. Not because your ears hurt, but because it is cute and funny…


Sometimes having a W lastname pays off. He was the last of his class to get his diploma, but he got to be the leader and really, that’s what it’s all about.


Kids wearing caps and gowns are adorable.


Getting your diploma is serious business. Until you get back into line and decide to to turn them into swords.



Friendship is awesome (they have been friends for 3.5 years!)

But nothing beats family

A really awesome soccer referee makes the last soccer game really fun! (even if it’s ridiculously HOT outside)


It’s OK to sit on the bench and let other kids have their turn


Especially if it means you score a goal!


The most important part of soccer is having fun (the ref had both teams play ALL of their players at once, it was hilarious)



1-2-3 Go Strikers!

Trophies are cool and so are gigantic popsicles.


Off to get ready for today’s birthday party! I’m pretty sure the pee parents will be there. Can’t wait :)


  1. Lisa says

    Very cute! Congrats to B! I hear you, Tim is working today and these kids are going to drive me to drink today. We had a small hole in our screen door that was on the “to do” lust, and Drew proceeded to tear practically half the screen off earlier, I think that was what put me over the edge. Oy.

    • Michelle says

      It was good too – tasted like a REAL popsicle, not just one of those oversweet ice pops. (of course I had some! The perks of having kids :)).

  2. says

    Hayden was last to receive his diploma too… weirdness. Congrats on the graduation.. I was a sobbing mess at ours. Yours seems a little tamer than ours was, I think we had like 100 kids graduating.

    Don’t feel bad about being a demon mommy. Sometimes I get the same way and I always feel so terrible when one of the kids says out of the blue “I love you mommy”. Yep… makes you feel like crap :)
    Tara recently posted..Go Go night runner

    • Michelle says

      I’m pretty sure that we have the same last name (which I’m assuming from your email address) so the similarities continue! Ha ha. There were 50 kids graduating – it wasn’t too bad.

      Oh yeah – after I totally flipped on out B on Friday (total toothbrusing meltdown ensued after eating 2 cupcakes for dinner) he said to me “Do you still love me?” *sigh*

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