On the Night You Were Born

“On the night you were born,
the moon shone with such wonder
that the stars peeked in
to see you
and the night wind whispered,
‘Life will never be the same.’

Because there had never been
anyone like you…
ever in the world.”

~Nancy Tillman

5 years ago, I couldn’t have told you what my baby looked like. Well, except for smooshy. And adorable.


I couldn’t have guessed his personality, his hair color, his eye color, what his voice sounded like, or how he would write his name.


Braeden Michael - 11:15pm - 7lbs 13oz, 21.5 inches

5 years ago I didn’t understand what it took to be a mother. That it’s more than just the endless amounts of love. Than what kind of bedding, diapering, feeding, and sleeping decisions I was going to make. So much more.


I didn’t know how happy one smile would make me. How one phrase would make my heart swell. How proud I would be.





5 years ago I was blessed with a tiny miracle – that has grown into the most amazing little boy.


With blonde hair and shimmering blue/green eyes.


With a smile so contagious – even if you’re mad, you can’t stay that way for long.


With a big heart. a sneaky and smart little brain, and a personality that is all his own.


The gift of motherhood has been simultaneously thrilling, challenging, fun, frustrating, and better than I ever expected. My heart grew 3 sizes the minute my baby boy was placed in my arms and hasn’t stopped growing. I don’t regret any of it – for a millisecond.

For whatever reason, 5 seems like a big deal to me. He’s no longer a baby, although he’ll always be my baby. He will likely remember his 5th birthday – and all of the birthdays after this one. 5 signifies the next step – past toddlerhood and preschool. Into the unknown. Not that the past 5 years have been “known.”

I have learned more in the past 5 years than I ever did in school or on the job – and I look forward (with slight aprehension) to the next phase. I can’t wait to learn more about this little boy.


Happy Birthday Braeden! My silly, sweet, and loveable boy. Thank you for everything you have given me – and what you have taught me about myself. Here’s to another 5 years (let’s not let them go by so fast, ‘k?) and many, many more!


  1. says

    Happy birthday B! 5 scares me! It just sounds so old. I know it won’t really make a difference when it comes in a mere 18 months for my daughter, but it just sounds like a really big age!

    Have a great day with your adorable little man. He looks like such a character!

    • Michelle says

      They are SO BIG. How did they get that way?? I think I’m still in complete denial that he’s really 5 years old.

  2. Kaycee says

    Happy Birthday to Braeden! Michelle, I think I met you shortly before you were pregnant with B and remember the milestones and birth of your sweet boy! Congratulations momma, you are doing an amazing job. I look to you for advice and support always, so let that compliment speak for itself!

    • Michelle says

      Aww that was so sweet Kaycee! Thanks for not thinking I’m crazy with any advice I give you. As you know, each child is different!

    • Michelle says

      I KNOW!!! Sometimes I feel like he was just born. Others…I feel like he’s been around forever! 5 years went by WAY too fast.

  3. Brooke says

    Awww, you made me teary-eyed. Can’t believe our babies aren’t babies anymore. Happy birthday to B–hope it’s a great one!!

    • Michelle says

      I really cannot believe they are 5. So crazy!! Weren’t we just frantically trying to figure out that newborn thing?? I do think we have the cutest bunch of July babies though – possibly ever :)

  4. Mackenzie says

    Shhh…no more! HOW are our babies turning FIVE? Seriously. He is so sweet, and oh how I remember those pictures. What memories they bring back.

    Happy birthday, sweet boy. And happy momiversary, Michelle.

    • Michelle says

      I KNOW – how are they 5???? Weren’t we just whining about being pregnant and huge? Thanks for the momiversary — same to you!!

  5. Maryellen says

    What a wonderful little boy you are Braeden.. and what wonderful parents you have. I’ve seen you grow from the beginning.. and am amazed how quickly time as past us. Mom, I’ve seen you from the very beginning as well.. and still am amazed how you have grown to be such a beautiful woman with a family all her own! You make my heart beat stronger .. I love you now as much as I did the first time you were put into my arms. Happy Birthday .. Braeden.. Happy Mommy Day.. Michelle!

  6. says

    I haven’t gotten to hang out with him too much but I will always remember one of his first meals of cereal! What a sweet boy he has become. Thanks for sharing what it means to be a mom. And for giving me stuff to read while I pump.
    Nicole C. recently posted..Thursday Ten: Acronyms

    • Michelle says

      Aww thank you!! The poem is actually from a book — On the Night You Were Born. One of my favorites to read to the kids (as they were both born at night!).


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