Not So Tempo Run

I don’t know what’s going this week, but it was harder than usual (and it’s usually hard) to get out of bed today. I did, but when I got up I immediately knew that my run was just going to be a run. No tempo today kids.

When I finally got outside I was glad I had made that decision. The air was THICK and heavy. I literally felt like I was running in a cloud. I looked like this…


I wasn’t really running. I was slogging.

Since I’m ONLY running 3 days a week, I did give myself a talking to. I am giving myself a break this week (I mean, I’m only human), but I really CAN’T let this happen every week! Bad Michelle. We’re on Week 5 — how I am going to feel 10 weeks from now?

Tomorrow is Sprints – hopefully I can redeem myself!!

How do you pump yourself up when you are having a rough week? I think I need some inspiration!


    • Michelle says

      It’s ok if you don’t push it — you’re sore because you are a machine!! I’m just tired and I still haven’t recovered from the weekend. I have a feeling this weekend isn’t going to be any less insane.

  1. says

    10 weeks from now you are going to feel amazing and one workout isn’t going to be the end of the story for you. Making adjustments is better then heading out the door trying to force a workout that clearly won’t be successful, that is more frustrating then anything.

    Paula is right, at least you ran.
    Britt recently posted..I\’m Alive, and Well

    • Michelle says

      Thank you for the reality check :) It is SO frustrating, but I also know it means my body is telling me something!! On to week 6 – it GOT to be better.

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