Party Time

We’ve been to {what feels like} a million parties.

Today – was Braeden’s turn.


The last party we had for him was when he was two and he didn’t have very many friends. Today, over 25 friends (and some of mine!) show up for a VERY fun afternoon.

There was bouncing, sliding, and pizza.







Oh hello squinty eye!

{Kaycee – why are you not in any of my pictures??}

And there was cake.


This was almost completely baby blue. Thank you Publix lady.


And everyone that attended will sleep VERY well tonight. Including me.


In case you were wondering, no I haven't had botox



The only downside was that the gym is under renovation (actually – they finished up TODAY) and there was a major wall missing, so it was HOT. One family even took the shirt of their baby, which I found rather dramatic (it wasn’t that bad – he probably liked it), but whatevs.

The owner made the rounds throughout the party – and he apologized profusely, several times. I think some people would have been pissed, and maybe I’m a pushover, but my kid had a blast and it didn’t bother me in the least. {Bonus – they only charged us for 15 kids, when there were WAAAAAAY more}

After the party we ate pizza (and drank wine/beer) with our friends Brian & Trisha and their girls. We also opened presents and HOLY WOW. My kid doesn’t need presents for at least a year. I’m actually thinking of donating some of them to charity. Would that be bad? (I’m thinking no) We don’t need all of these toys, even if they were well intended.





My chins wanted to be in their very own picture


It’s such a shame our kids hate each other…


Overall, a fun day {hopefully} had by all and really not stressful at all for me! If you live in Orlando – I HIGHLY recommend GMA Oviedo for a birthday party. Especially when they open the 2nd half of the gym up. We might just be back next year!

Off to bed. I think I’ve been awake for almost 20 hours at this point. What day is it???


    • Michelle says

      She does — and she looks good!! I think we all have that shirt that Kate wore – hee. I have it in at least 3 colors.

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