My House Has Wood

Ok – so maybe it’s not wood — it’s actually bamboo!


It’s now sitting in my house acclimating. Waiting to be installed. On Wednesday (have I mentioned that? :))


After the kids went to bed tonight the hubby and I cleaned out the living room and found places for our valuables (mainly our china, crystal, and my Hummel collection).


My God we have a lot of crap!

I threw a bunch of stuff away while we were storing it and I’m planning on tossing more of it when we put it back. Exciting times!

We still have to put the little things away in our family room (anyone have two rooms and think it’s dumb? We hardly ever use our living room) but we’re waiting to do that tomorrow night. I’m too tired tonight!

In fact, I’m off to bed in a little bit (after I finish up watching this episode of Family Ties on The Hub – love this channel). This is just the beginning of a very busy week!

Are you a pack rat or do you keep things clean and simple? I wish I could keep things neat and organized — I have NO IDEA where my crap comes from!

Do you love Family Ties like me? :)


  1. says

    I throw EVERYTHING away. Everything. Then I regret it later. But hey, that means I can buy new stuff all the time, right?! woo hoo! I win!

    I liked Family Ties when it was on. I can’t watch that crap now. LOL I can, however, watch the heck out of Three’s Company. :-)

    • Michelle says

      What kind of stuff are you throwing away?? Hee.

      Doogie Howser is a lot harder for me to watch than Family Ties. Wonder Years never gets old though – that show is classic.

  2. Kate says


    Sooo excited for you! I know how long you’ve wanted these floors.

    Hate clutter and move too much to accumulate crap. I also get very unsentimental when moving and will toss anything. “Do we really need this dog?” heee

    • Michelle says

      Heee! Vinny better watch out.

      Maybe you need to come over and throw all of my crap away for me?? I have a really hard time parting my kids toys. I just need to start chucking stuff.

  3. says

    So excited for you to get your wood floors. I have a few floors in the house that need replacing and surprisingly they are woodish (they are the UGLIEST wood floors ever) and I plan on tiling them.

    I have crap everywhere in the house. I’m typically a clutterfree type with a few decorations. Since the kiddos, I don’t have a handle on the house like I would like anymore… I’ve learned to deal with it but it can get aggravating sometimes. I figure I can clean when they go to college.
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    • Michelle says

      Are you planning on doing the tile soon?

      It’s SOOOO the kids that contribute to the majority of this crap. Damn toys with small pieces and all of that artwork they do/bring home! I need to get better about just throwing it away. Mom guilt creeps in though!

  4. says

    We have a house that was constructed back in the day when they thought there needed to be a wall and small doorway dividing every single living space. That means there are too many rooms and half of them are useless.
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    • Michelle says

      UGH! My floorplan is pretty open, but I would much rather have a giantic family room than a separate family/living rooms. It just seems like a waste of space! I really don’t understand why it’s so popular.

      Could you knock down any walls?

  5. Leslie says

    Hi Michelle –

    TOYS: (Meant to post this yesterday when you blogged about all of B’s new birthday presents.) Put most of them away in a closet and let him pick “one new toy” every couple of weeks … keeps the birthday going 6-9 months. BUT, each time he gets a “new toy” from the closet, he has to give one away so someone else can have a new toy too. (We used to donate them to the church pre-school Michael went to.)
    ART: Every week, let B & L each pick their favorite piece of art for the week … you then store one art piece/week … at the end of the month, they pick their “favorite” for the month. At the end of the year, you just have 12 works of art to store instead of 250+. That’s easily manageable to store as they go through pre-school/elementary school and you have a good chronology of how their artwork progressed through the years. (Every once in awhile I cheated and kept one that was particularly cute that didn’t necessarily make Michael’s cut list.)
    Hope that helps! :)

    • Michelle says

      We try to do that with B’s toys — this time it’s INSANE though. There are other little boys his age that would appreciate these toys more!! (surprisingly though – no repeats!)

      I do try to keep a few of B’s things that he likes and a few that I like — but then that turns into everything. I know that he WON’T care 20 years ago – and I probably won’t either so I just need to let go!

  6. Maryellen says

    I know how excited you are about the floors.. can’t wait to see them. As far as you being a hoarder?? You always have been. Good luck in the sorting!!

    • Michelle says

      Hey now — I’m not a HOARDER (have you seen that show??). I’ve gotten a lot better about throwing stuff away — I just need to apply it to my kids too!

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