Confession Wednesday: Worn Thin

Thanks for the compliments on my hair yesterday. Today should be interesting — styling it on my own. Always the TRUE test of a haircut :) Here are a few pictures since Flickr finally stopped having a temper tantrum:



I think I’ll keep it! (sorry, no head shaving here!)

Today’s confession is brought to you by my feelings… and probably my family’s feelings.

I am worn thin. I have reached my limit. I am tired. My patience is limited. I feel like the quantity of life has started to exceed my quality of life.


It’s been a slowly growing snowball. For the last month every week has been full of appointments, last minute grocery shopping, extra errands, birthday parties, and events. I have loved the fullness of my life. I do no regret any of the extra time I have spent at work, with friends, or out and about.

BUT I feel like I am constantly moving. Working on something. Appeasing someone. Trying to get from point A to point B and squeezing something else in between. I am juggling about 10 balls, when I am cut out to juggle 5 (that’s what she said, by the way).

I usually have the attitude that I can do anything in moderation and that I have a balanced life — and for the most part it’s true. But this last month?? Has been anything but moderation and I’m really feeling it today. I miss my kids. I miss my hubby. I miss my couch.

This vacation to Boston really could not come at a better time. I have a few guest posts lined up, and I few scheduled posts — but for the most part I intend to be offline and enjoying my family time. Hope you understand :)

It’s just that, I miss this…


Wouldn’t you?

How do you maintain your balance? What does balance even mean, anyways?

Have anything you want to confess??


  1. says

    Love your hair! Wow! Have a great holiday. You deserve it. As to your question: Balance? What Balance? *sigh* (The only answer I can really come up with is, “coffee in the morning, wine in the evening.” Although, with my current bump, there is much less of both going on which certainly doesn’t help. Ice cream works sometimes.
    Christine (Cook the Story) recently posted..A Lemony Loss For Words (Or Not!)

    • Michelle says

      Thank you!!

      Ha ha on the coffee in the morning, wine in the evening. PERFECT. Sorry you aren’t able to fully participate right now. It will be well worth it!!! (and ice cream is always good too!)

  2. Maryellen says

    Yes, you are worn thin!! You look it..and do need a break. I do enjoy reading your daily blogs, but its time to shut down and rest and have fun. Enjoy your weekend with rest, your family and hopefully the fun this weekend will give you and your family!

    • Michelle says

      I will definitely be enjoying my weekend :) Hope you do the same (and should I tell everyone you said, ‘HI!”?)

  3. says

    i had my hair done yesterday as well :) you’re going to love the shorter do!

    i just want to say that i have a tremendous amount of respect for working moms…and even more respect for the ones that still manage to workout, maintain friendships, BLOG :) (i.e. YOU)!

    i hope your vacation is a refreshing & relaxing time for you & the fam. enjoy!
    Nicole@FashionablyFitFemme recently & fitness saturday

    • Michelle says

      Thank you!!

      I’m still adjusting to the hair, but I think it’s going to be SO much easier to deal with this in this heat/humidity.

      I love having a full life — sometimes it just gets TOO full. I’m definitely looking to a little R&R and family time :)

  4. Maryellen says

    Of Course..tell EVERYONE I said “HI and LOVE TO ALL”!! Take plenty of pictures.. and give Kristi a HUGE HUG from me!! I love your hair and the color..partial blondi…haha! Rest and relax..and enjoy yourself. Heard the weather is going to be hot and you should be able to be comfortable!

  5. says

    I definitely get like that sometimes. My husband is as bad as scheduling things as I am so we always end up with way too many things to squeeze in. I just get to the point where I have to say no and have a few nights or a weekend to just recharge and be low key.

    Your kids are totally adorable…I’d miss them too :)
    Christina recently posted..Instagram Fun and Deals!

    • Michelle says

      Aww – thanks :)

      I really wish there was more time in the day sometimes (not the work day, of course!). I do need to say no more often — it’s hard when I really want to do something!

    • Michelle says

      LOL! Part of that is because almost ALL of the kids in B’s class had birthdays between May and July. We went to the last one last weekend…and no more! We hardly went to any the rest of the school year, so go figure. We all had the same idea about having summer babies I guess :)

    • Michelle says

      Thanks! I need a break BADLY. I’ll be there Thursday – Monday. If we were there longer I would try to meet up. Next time!!

  6. says

    Vacations are wonderful for so many reasons, but the best gift you can give yourself is to unplug as completely as possible. That’s what I did on our trip in June and it was amazingly restorative to me and my family. I’m trying to start an unplugging night/hours at home too.

    Sooner or later, something has to give. So enjoy the time away and remember the most important people in the world — your family.

    Jackie @ MomJovi recently posted..An Emo Deer

    • Michelle says

      Yes, lots of unplugging going on (well, after tonight!). I got your post by the way and it’s great. I think we are always more critical of our own work. Look for it Monday morning!

  7. says

    love love love the new hair!!!

    Balance for me has been easy for 8 years. I live on my own, have no fmaily here and it was just easy. I have a feeling the next few weeks after the move will be a HUGE lesson in balance for me!
    Becca recently posted..WIAW…. Frat Boy Edition

    • Michelle says

      Thank you!!
      I can definitely understand where you are coming from. Family is awesome, but also an obligation. Good luck with finding the balance. I’m SURE you will!

  8. Cindy says

    Time to start saying NO. Step back–say NO. You can’t please ’em all, but please take care of yourself!

    • Michelle says

      It’s not just saying no though — most of the things I WANT to do. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!


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