Isn’t Running an Inexpensive Sport?

I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday!

Mine has been pretty good (and low key) so far (no more birthday parties!) and there are only 2.5 more hours until I need to go to bed. Seriously. I’m waking up at 2:45 (that would be am) tomorrow to meet my running group (which means me and two other guys, mostly likely) at 3:55. I know you guys are extremely jealous!!

In an attempt to get back to my normal schedule, I woke up and headed out for Saturday spin. Our course, spinning is not the same as it used to be — I haven’t gone with my friends in months. We used to do Spin – Starbucks – Target, but now I’m the only one still doing it :( At least the kids (Darth Vader and L) keep me company.



After Target I figured that since we were already out and about that we should head on over to Track Shack. I need some seriously supplies for my upcoming long runs, a hat (I can’t put my hair all the way up, and it gets really poofy in the humidity!), and some compression sleeves.

Confession: Even though I’ve lived in Orlando for an eternity and I’m training WITH Track Shack – I’ve never BEEN to Track Shack.

I picked Paula up on the way (she just finished her 18-mile run!!!) and we drove over.

Poor Paula. I looked like this. You know she’s a good friend because she was willing to be seen in public with me looking this scary.


I surprised at how PACKED it was (there was serious shoe buying party going on) and after my kids pretty much took everything off the shelves I checked out with some serious loot.


To the tune of $120+ dollars later (I also bought Paula a pair of compression socks as a very very belated birthday gift) I was on my way home.

Guess what guys? Running isn’t cheap!

I know you’ve amazed, but I didn’t leave anyone at the store. I wasn’t even tempted! It’s been a good Saturday.




We even saw a few clowns (???) (It’s hard to see them – but they were carrying signs that said Yes = {Picture of a clown}


I’ve been cleaning and running around the house today wearing my hat and my compression socks, avoiding the shower. This is a normal runner thing, right?



Off to go cook from Mama Pea Pad Thai and call it a night! I still can’t believe I’m running 18 miles tomorrow. Why did I sign up to run this marathon again??


    • Michelle says

      It was on top of the carrot cake one. I really like white chocolate macadamia nut – hope you do too!

      I tried some NUUN this afternoon (I figured it would help me hydrate!). I’m not going to use it tomorrow because I don’t want to test out the handheld on 18 miles. I need to ease into it!

      Oh and Livie keeps talking about you. Hee.

  1. Angie says

    I have those pink compression socks! Nope running isn’t cheap! And Alecia…next weekend is our 18! Now I get up early, but 2:45 is redicilous!! Good luck with that!

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance says

    2:45 wake up call!? That should be some kind of sin!

    However ALL of these training runs and expenses will be worth it when you cross that finish line :)

  3. says

    Hope your 18 is going well as we speak! I can’t imagine getting up that early to go run. Guess you have to for that long of a run in the FL heat. And you signed up for this marathon so we could hang out. Only reason, right? 😉 Bahaha!
    Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun recently posted..I Got My Hair Did

  4. Maryellen says

    Love the hat.. the socks.. well the picture is pretty scare.. but I know they will provide you the support you need. I have serious shin splints and they hurt.. from all the stuff I did when I was your age. Never had things like that! At least they weren’t pink and girly looking! Good Luck in your run!

  5. Britt says

    Running is so NOT cheap. I think when I started running before the racing urge pumped through my blood on a constant basis it was cheap, but not these days! Races alone are getting super expensive to enter, and all the fancy new gear and trinkets that have come out have really made the sport insanely expensive!

    • Michelle says

      So what was up with them? I’m not too crazy about clowns either. I think I watched Poltergeist a few too many time when I was little.

    • Michelle says

      I AM SO JEALOUS! I really wanted the purple ones, but they didn’t have them in my size. Boo! I am loving the sleeves today though – they are definitely helping with my recovery!

      • says

        I ran 12 miles in them yesterday and it made a HUGE difference! And they didn’t smell afterward, so I wore them during the day under my maxi dress :) Also I bought them on with a gift certificate. I only wish they came in green!
        Maggie recently posted..How to Make Long Runs Easier

  6. says

    Running is sooo expensive… OR I feel the need to buy every cute shirt and shorts I see… along with the super expensive compression stuff (I have pink socks). And then there are the supplements I HAVE to take each day… and the protein. Not to mention the race fees and the hotels to stay out of town. Running is far from “cheap”.

    Random question – what is on L’s arm in the Target picture? Is that some sort of bracelet? And yipee for training pants!!!
    Tara @ recently bestie…

    • Michelle says

      Yes – it’s a princess slapstick bracelet. Ha ha. My MIL bought it for her and she LOVES it. I teach her nothing about princesses (she doesn’t even realize it’s Cinderella), yet she’s drawn to them.

      We aren’t quite really for pull-ups — but she starts at Primrose in 2 weeks and we are going to switch her then since I know they do potty breaks. *fingers crossed*

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