A Letter To My 16-Year Old Self

I TOTALLY stole this idea from Sam, but it’s awesome and you should do it too. This is particularly timely because I am planning on going to a 15-year high school reunion picnic this weekend. {How the hell have I been out of high school for 15 years?}

Dear Michelle,

You are 16 years old right now and so insecure.  I know it seems crazy, but you will appreciate everything you are going through and it will make you a stronger person.


You will turn teasing and the nickname “crazy legs” into so much more. Have faith.

Be nicer to your parents. They DO know what they are talking about and love you more than you will ever imagine. They will also stop fighting and get divorced — and you will appreciate it.

Tell Nana, Ma, and Aunt Connie that you love them – and write them more letters. They love hearing from you.

Try to be more outgoing and friendlier. People are mistaking “shy” for “snob” so go ahead and open that mouth. Who cares what people think!


AJ and Ben will stop being annoying and you will look forward to hanging out with them.  You will highly anticipate the day they get married and give you sisters! You will wait a VERY LONG time for this, but it will be worth it :)

Don’t be discouraged that you SUCK at sports and can’t even run a mile. You should try harder. You have it in you.

They boys you are crushing on won’t even notice you, but they WILL turn out to be great guys with awesome families – so you have good taste. But, you won’t discover your wonderful husband and the father to your babies until college, so don’t rush it. It’s worth the wait.

You really should have paid Emily those $2 when you were 14. Just sayin’

Learn how to pluck your eyebrows. The unibrow scares people away.

Barnes & Noble and Starbucks are still awesome. The hours that you and Cole spent there will never be forgotten (and you will never go into a B&N without thinking about her).

Stop with the fast food. That sh*t isn’t good for you OR your waistline.

Wine on the other hand – is awesome. Not that I approve of drinking in high school (excessively), but seriously you need to loosen up!

The friends you make in college will always be family and they will change your life.

Slow down. You don’t need to drive 45 in a 30. or 85 in a 70.

Someday you will have babies and they will make you feel complete. They will also make you go insane. It’s worth it.

You have an amazing life ahead of you… Full of friends, family, laughter, and memories. You won’t ever want to be 16 again, but that’s OK. Your life is going to be amazing, once you figure out who you really are.

Trust in yourself, love yourself, be yourself. You are your own worst enemy, but you can be your own best friend if you let yourself.

Love Always,


  1. Maryellen says

    I love you.. you are such a complete woman now..and I am so happy that life is good for you and your family!

    • Michelle says

      Yes!! I had no idea how much my life would change and how I would finally grow into my own skin. Things have changed so much even in the past 5 years. Nothing is ever permanent (except maybe a tattoo!).

  2. says

    I love this. Don’t you wish you could really have gone back and told your 16 year old self this? I wish I could go back and tell myself things all the time.

    Having that perspective, I really try and take things into account now…that things aren’t ever as big of a deal as they feel like they are when they happen.
    Christina recently posted..Barefoot Blue Jean Night

    • Michelle says

      I definitely wish I could go back and give myself a pep talk — but I NEVER want to go back and relive it!!

      I try to do the “5-year rule” now (although, my emotions don’t always let me). Will it matter in 5 years? If yes, it’s a big deal. If no – then let it go!

  3. Kaycee says

    Oh my gosh, what I would write to my 16 year old self…kinda scares me to think about it! My biggest thing would’ve probably been to enjoy high school more, because I rocked it out in college (LOL!). That and to have done more before I got married and immediately tried to get preggo….ha.
    And, such truth about the fast food, but I’m still battling that one. :-(


    • Michelle says

      You can beat the fast food!! Once you quit you won’t ever want to go back. Your body doesn’t let you!

      And yeah – I’m glad those high school days are over.

  4. Kristen @ The Red Velvet Life says

    Love it! Sounds like you have learned so much over the years — and you’ve grown into your skin! Sometimes people say they wish they could go back and be young again, like in high school — not me! As much fun as high school was, everyday is a chance to create new memories and have just as much if not more fun with our loved ones, because we enjoy so much more as we become secure and happy with ourselves!! :) xo
    Kristen @ The Red Velvet Life recently posted..Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

    • Michelle says

      Yeah – I know a few people that would go back too, but definitely not me! I am actually loving my 30s.

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