Doing the Dawson

Last night I saw The Help.


And I ended up looking like this throughout the majority of the movie…


{I think we ever share the same shade of blonde}

Thank goodness movie theaters are dark.

It’s been more than a year since I read The Help, so the actual details of the book are hazy, but just like the book, I did not want this movie to end.

I DID wish I had brought tissues. I obviously forgot that I bawled my eyes out when I read the book too.

I thought the movie was FANTASTIC. The casting — was amazing and really solidified this movie. I really did not picture Emma Stone as Skeeter when I was reading the book, but she knocked it out of the park. Abilene, Minnie, and all of the “The Help” were perfectly cast — as was Hilly (Dallas Bryce Howard made me HATE her so hard!!), Hilly’s mother (Sissy Spacek was so awesome), and Cecelia (I loved her story in the book — and she did not disappoint).

Also in the movie was Piz from Veronica Mars. He had a small part, but in EVERY scene he was in I could not place where he was from. I might have been a little distracted.



I finally figured it out on the way home. Let me tell you, that boy is good looking!

Chris Lowell

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the movie. Now, I am not always on board with the whole books to movie thing. There are a few exceptions (Harry Potter and The Notebook come to mind) and The Help now belongs on this list. I don’t think the movie is BETTER than the book — I never do and never will, but this movie comes close and I fully endorse it – especially if you want a good laugh and a cathartic cry.

AND you don’t have to read the book to love the movie — these characters will move into your heart and stay with you. And you will probably bawl your eyes out too. (We saw a few guys crying – so cry it out guys, it’s perfectly acceptable.)

What’s your FAVORITE movie that’s also a book? I’m sure I’m missing some books that are also great movies…

PS – Happy Monday!


    • Michelle says

      I haven’t seen the movie OR read the book!! I need to work on that :) I hop you get to see The Help this week!!

    • Michelle says

      You should talk to Paula – she cries at every movie too (her words)! I don’t cry at everything, but I AM a sap. For example – I’ve seen Toy Story 3 about 50 times now and I STILL cry at the end!

  1. Martha says

    Oh my gosh! I totally remember the episode that Dawson’s freaky face was from!! Ah…Dawson’s Creek. Oh yeah…I want to see this movie too. Loved the book. :)

    • Michelle says

      I know – I miss Dawson! We need to have a Dawson weekend :) Hee! See the movie ASAP!! But bring tissues because you are going cry your eyes out!

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