Dear S’Angela

Dear S’Angela,

A Mother’s Poem…

For all your patience…day to day
For every tear you wipe away
For “little hands” you gently hold
And all the stories you have told
For your consoling, tender heart
And all the wisdom you impart
For silly songs & quiet times
For peaceful naps & nursery rhymes
For teaching children how to share
For being kind & being fair
For every shoe that you have tied
And thoughtful words that instill pride
For all the sweet things that you do
To help the children all year through
For being there in place of me
I’m grateful…and I’ll always be!


Today is bittersweet. It’s NOT just the last day of Summer Camp and the last day before Kindergarten begins – it’s the last day for L at her home daycare.

We are moving L to the same daycare/school that B has been at since he was 18 months old. B will still be going there for afters chool care – so ultimately it’s easier {for all of us} for them to be together. It doesn’t mean it’s easy to say goodbye.

Ms. Angela has been in our lives in L was 3 months old. We initially had her in another daycare and it was not what I wanted. I just didn’t get a good feeling about the place or the people — and L would come home looking like she cried all day. That broke my heart. Since instincts are always worth following we found Angela – and the angels sang :)


Angela has been nothing but a guiding force in L’s short life. L is always happy to go to see her, always happy to give her hugs and finger kisses, and has always been part of the “family” since day one. That has truly been the best part about going to an in-home daycare. It’s just like she’s at home – and surrounded by the people she loves (and love her).

While I am excited for L’s next step and her new teachers and friends – I know she will miss the love and care she gets with “S’Angela.” I will miss the daily chit chatting and the friendship that has formed over the years. It’s not goodbye though (especially if we keep running into each other at Publix) — just so long, for now.

Thank you for loving my baby as if she were your own…because of you she is sassy, smart, and confident. She loves puppies (and making out with puppies), her friends, and singing silly songs. I couldn’t have made it through these past 2 years without you!


{And you know I will be back if there is ever a #3!}

We will ALL miss you Ms. Angela!!


  1. Maryellen says

    Awwww.. You have been a guiding light in my daughter’s family life..Ms S’Angela! Thank you for being the person you are.. Hugs..from Livi’s Nana!

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