2 + 7 + 3 = 20

The breakdown…

2 bathrooms breaks

7 water stops

3 miles on my own

= 20 MILES!


Yep – I hit a PDR today when I truly ran 20 miles. Pain never felt SO GOOD.

I stayed out too late last night – hanging with some of the moms from B’s preK class. I went crazy on the water (a little too crazy actually – see the 2 bathroom breaks above) and then I didn’t get to sleep until 11. Oops.

The alarm went off at 2:45 and I was out of the house by 3:20. I honestly dreaded this run the entire way to Winter Park. I knew Becky was out today and didn’t really WANT to run 20 miles with the guys. But, I didn’t really have a choice, did I?

So I did. I sucked it up. And you know what? It didn’t suck. In fact – after the first 9-10 miles (you know “ONLY” 9-10 miles – I just made myself roll my eyes) it went by pretty damn fast!

I ended up running the last 3 miles by myself rocked it out. My average pace for the run was 10:37 – but those last 3 miles it was 9:45! Not bad for 17 miles on my legs :)


{Happy to be DONE!

}I came home and celebrated (after an excrutiating ice bath)…


and now I’m watching Veronica Mars (while the kids are hanging out with their Grandma Tater Tot!). Oh man do I love this show.


I see a nap and an some foam rolling in my future. Oh, and an {entire} bag of baked Salt and Vinegar chips.

What your FAVORITE type of chips? Salt and Vinegar — totally mine!


  1. says

    That mileage took me another 40 minutes! But I forgot to stop the watch at the water stops. And another girl had FOUR bathroom stops that I stopped for. And I walked for her when her stomach was hurting. And then we had to wait for the LONGEST light. So it could have been better, but who knows.
    Nice job on the time! I will see you, er, the back of your head, in Savannah!
    Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run recently posted..A Day at Universal Studios

    • Michelle says

      For all I knew we were out the same amount of time! I always stop my Garmin during water stops because we stand around and chit chat.

      Sounds like you did awesome! — Whatever on the back of the head. I think you are selling yourself short!

    • Michelle says

      Well, Mike left us at 9 miles, we lost Mark at 16 miles, and David’s knee was bothering him at 17 miles. If Becky or Rachael (or really of the women!) were there they would have run with me. Becky pulled her back out so BOOOOO. I didn’t really mind running the 3 by myself today – the music helped!

    • Michelle says

      I hope you got your run in!!! Not sure how the weather was for you – but it was awesome here today. 75 (until the afternoon), breezy. This is why I love Florida!

      Sleeping in is nice too – and needed!

    • Michelle says

      Thanks! Don’t worry – only ate half a bag and was totally full for the rest of the afternoon. At least they were baked :)

  2. says

    Way to go on the 20 miler! We both had runs we didn’t initially want to do that worked out better than we thought! And don’t feel bad about running alone, I’m running alone alot even during the group runs.

    Love salt and vinegar chips… no one else in the family does so more for me.
    Tara @ texasrunnergirl.com recently posted..a small houseguest..

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