Race Week!

Ahhh — how long has it been since I said RACE WEEK?? My last race was in April – so you do the math because I am really bad at it :)

This weekend’s 15K


Kicks off the start of a VERY busy race season!

I am really looking forward to all of this…












Why yes, I DO like to take absurd photos of Paula. Didn’t you guys know I am her personal photographer??

So, even though it’s Monday, I am pysched to say Welcome Back Race Season! Oh, I have missed you.

Anyone else running Miracle Miles on Saturday? My entire brood will be there — if you see me, say hi!!


    • Michelle says

      I love all of those pictures! Can’t wait for more :) Although that post does make it seem like I am your biggest fan (and I am, of course). Ha ha.

  1. Victoria @ Running Peanut says

    Those are some great pictures!

    I am excited for this race, too, even though it won’t be a fast one for me. It’s going to be nice to get out there and run!

    • Michelle says

      This will be an instant PR for me – ha. I can’t say it will be my fastest race either – I feel like marathon training has really slowed me down – but it’s definitely going to be fun!!

    • Michelle says

      I asked Julie this today, too — but are there any meetups planned for Savannah? I’m not sure how long you will be there – but I would love to do a blogger-like dinner or even lunch. It’s getting so close – the next 6 weeks are going to fly!

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