Miracle Miles

I ran my first 15K this morning and instantly PR’d! Woot!!

Because I’m apparently crazy, I woke up at 4:50. After going to bed at 12:30. Yeah – that was smart. In case you were wondering what I look like when I wake up – here you go.


I know – you guys are jealous.

We left on time — amazing. Seriously amazing! And took some backroads to get downtown and found parking without a problem. It was nice not be stressed out about getting to the race on time! We were ALL there because the Hubby was running the 5K…


Makeup (which I do wear during a race – but not typically when I run) is amazing.


and my mother-in-law was walking it with the kids. She *might* have regretted that decision – pushing a stroller with at least 75lbs in it up a hill? I don’t think I would even volunteer for that!

After kissing the kids/hubby goodbye (the 5K started first) and using the smelliest/grossest porta-potties ever (and I feel like am expert now – funny what can change in a year!) I found Paula.


The race – Miracle Miles – isn’t named because it’s a miracle that everyone is running in 90% humidity in September (although, I do think that’s part of it) – but because it benefits the Alexander Center for Neonatology at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. We ran for those little miracle babies – born too early or too sick. Definitely for a good cause.


There was a good turnout – but not TOO crowded.



Paula and I lined up at the 9min pace. She was undecided how hard she was going to push it, while I knew I was going to go out fast so I could get it out of my system. I’d rather go out “fast” in a 15K over my marathon.

We started with our traditional picture…


And at 7:20 we were off!

I decided to just run and not take pictures – although it was a really nice course. We ran through downtown did a loop towards the Milk District and then back to the hospital. The miles, as expected, were pretty miserable. I started out at an 8:30 pace, leveled off at 9:20ish for the next 8 miles. It wasn’t my fastest run, but I also have NEVER raced in that kind of heat and humidity.

Just for fun, the last .5 miles was uphill. Yay. Thankfully, I remember that at 8 miles though and reserved my energy. I have to say – the BEST part of the race was the end. In the last tenth of a mile this one dude started to pass me, so I kicked it up and finished about 3 seconds ahead of him. Yeah – I chicked him. I think it was my first “chicking” that I was aware of. It felt pretty awesome.


Can you tell?

I finished in 1:27:07 (average pace 9:22)

After the race I noticed my legs were sweating. MY LEGS.


I don’t think that’s ever happened before.

While I was searching for Paula – Christina (from Lou Lou Runs Florida) spotted me! It nice to finally meet her (and her hubby) in person. We found Paula too…


Who announced that she’d pretty much seen everyone (and some weird-ass stuff). She even saw my pace leader (who apparently finished 30 seconds before me – even though I never saw him!). I didn’t see anyone else — which made me sad :(, so thanks Christina for saying hi!!

The hubby also PR’d and finished his race in about 30 minutes. That’s a 2-minute + improvement!

The after party was pretty sweet – lots of fruit, bagels, and coffee from Panera.

The medals, however, were kinda lame


But, I guess that’s what we get for paying under $40 for a race!

The kids ALSO PR’d – as it was their first 5K! Although, I’m pretty sure they were more excited about the face painting.




Overall — I think it was a fun race. I will probably run it again, but I WISH (and I’m pretty sure everyone wishes) they would move it back a month. A 15K would be MUCH more fun at the end of October!!

There was more to the day – but I have to go because we are with friends and B is dancing for us. It’s pretty clear he’s watched WAY too many SYTYCD contemporary dances… I seriously cannot make this stuff up!! Hilarious.

Have you ever run a 15K? What did you think? I think it was the PERFECT length for someone who doesn’t want to run a full 13.1 miles. It was also a great length to kick off race reason. It allowed me to try to run “fast” without burning out.


  1. Trisha says

    Crazyrunninglegs, you failed to mention there’s a awesome drinking game waiting for you…that’s why you have to go! Not to mention that your husband is trying to teach Emma the worm…I may have to break out the video camera for your future blog! :)

    • Michelle says

      I think we DO need to break out the video next time.

      Thank you so much for hosting us this weekend – we had a blast (B fell asleep on the bus to his daycare today – and that NEVER happens). Sorry if we were all cranky on Sunday!

    • Michelle says

      Thank you!!!

      The moon was just hanging out with us :) I think I took that around 6:45. Apparently the moon sticks around for a while. It was crazy big, right? (I guess that makes sense since it was just the fall equinox)

  2. Lee says

    Great job!

    I love a 15K. It’s my favorite distance to race. I feel like it’s long enough that I need to train for it and can’t just half-ass it, but short enough that I feel fine afterward and don’t spend the rest of the day on the couch. I’m actually doing one (with tina from faithfitnessfun.com) in three weeks.
    Lee recently posted..Dealing with Burnout

    • Michelle says


      Good point about not really needing to train for it – at least hard core. It was still challenging – but not in a “I can’t finish” kinda way.

      I can’t wait to read about your race with Tina. I’ve been meaning to ask – are you running Savannah?

  3. says

    You did great! So did your Hubs, kids and mother in law!
    Is the shirt you are wearing by Champion? If so, I have the same one in tourquoise and I LOVE it. Fav running shirt!

    • Michelle says


      Yes – it’s the Champion/Target shirt (they had them on sale last weekend, by the way). I LOVE those shirts (I have the turquoise too) – and the fact that they don’t stick to you.

  4. Maryellen says

    Great time had by all.. how great! Hope Cathy could walk after pushing 75lbs up and down a hill.. especially in this humidity!! You all look great..love the face painting on Braeden..and Livi’s is so sweet..Hugs and Love to your successes!

  5. Ginni says

    Glad you all had a great time. And about your sweaty legs – mine sweat too… And if it’s hot they can start sweating in less than a mile. Not weird, it gives you character :)

    I’m thinking about running a 15k soon… But I need to not be too ambitious and win up hurting myself. I really feel like I need to up my mileage slowly. (because I’m a wimp)

    • Michelle says

      Do it!!! You WON’T regret it.

      LOL about the sweaty legs. Usually they don’t sweat – so you KNOW that race was intense. I do like that it gives you character :)

    • Michelle says

      Yep – me too! Well, not again. It was more like “WTF was I thinking running when it’s supposed to be in the 90s today?”

  6. says

    You are so fast, I wish! I’m envious of your long legs & running ability, for serious. Sad I missed you, what other local races are you doing? I think I’m going to do the UCF 7 miler in late October, just because you get a medal. Lets be honest, the bling is why I run haha
    Carolina @ Peas in a Blog recently posted..I Run This City…

    • Michelle says

      You are so sweet! I don’t think I’m fast – but I have definitely improved on my speed. Lots of hard work for sure – so thanks :)

      Paula and I were discussing the 7 miler today. I might do it – depending on which weekend that is! And racing bling IS pretty awesome. I need one of medal hangers though – right now they are sitting in a dark place, crying for some light.

  7. says

    This was my first 15k and boy was it rough! I didn’t think it would be that much of a push physically and mentally, but it was! Glad I finished though, feels good. Great job, your pace is awesome!

    • Michelle says

      I agree – I thought the race would be a little easier because it was less than a half – but it was still really challenging! Great job on finishing too (Oh, and my Garmin said 9.5 when I finished, so it was definitely a little long!)!!

  8. says

    yay, you did awesome! And it was great to meet you!
    My poor hubs feet were killing him after the race and are still hurting him, so we needed to jet! Hopefully I’ll see you ladies again at another race!
    Christina recently posted..Top 5 on Friday

    • Michelle says

      It was so nice to meet you (and your hubby too!). Hope his feet are feeling better. I know his pain – and it SUCKS!!

      I think we need a plan for the next race – and there WILL be a next race (if anything – in Savannah!).


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