Lulu and FroYo

Today was one of those days that seemed endless (but in a good way!). I ran. I cleaned. I shopped. I shopped some more. and I ate.

Man, I have a rough life.

Paula and I have been talking about going to the Lululemon Outlet for a while now. I’ve never been. She (and so many other people) praise their clothing  And today we went.

We headed to the Premium Outlets and apparently everyone else and their brother had the same brilliant idea because the place was packed! We ate a ridiculously unhealthy (and not photo-worthy lunch) and then got our shop on. Nothing like eating crappy food before going to try on workout clothes!

We went in and angels sang. OK, maybe not , but I DID finally understand the hoopla on their clothes. Lululemon clothes have an amazing gift – you put on their clothes and you feel fantastic. They also don’t skimp on the details I tried on a bunch of stuff and finally just settled on a pair of shorts.

Screen shot 2011-10-02 at 8.09.22 PM

Although I LOVED one of their shirts, I couldn’t rationalize the price (even though it WAS discounted). Sorry Lulu.

One highlight of our trip is that we got to see Andrea – who was working after running a half marathon last night. Crazy girl! It was fun to run into her :)

We then continued shopping and struck out. Although, Paula DID consider buying a pair of shoes for her  night time career.


{Name that song?}

In the end, she decided against them. After all, the heels weren’t clear (and they definitely didn’t light up!).

We attempted to get TCBY before we left (continuing on with that whole “healthy” thing) but I discovered that a small yogurt cost $5.  Umm what?

We decided to drive all the way across town instead.


This was probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Even though the cashier was severly hung over and I thought she was going to yak all over our yogurt. Good thing she didn’t, because it was GOOOOOOOD.




{Please submit your best photoshopped images of this picture. Creativity counts!}

It was the perfect end to a fun day – sans kids (they were at home having fun with the hubby!).


I mean, how pretty is this???


I love Florida in October. And shopping with Paula!

Do you like brand name clothing? I think certain brands/items are worth paying for, but I never mind finding similar stuff at Target for less!


    • Michelle says

      So good to see you too! Hopefully you weren’t there too long – and you can now pass out for the night!

  1. says

    For “regular clothes” I tend to go with whatever fits, no matter the brand (or non-brand). Workout clothes are a different story though – being heavier AND tall makes it really hard to find stuff. Nike & Adidas & UnderArmor make “XL” clothing that I swear would only fit a 12 year old. I’ve had a lot of luck with Athleta since I discovered them at the Iron Girl HM this year. Their stuff is a little less expensive than Lulu and they make TALLS – even tall SHORTS and SHIRTS!
    Theresa recently posted..A Little R&R

    • Michelle says

      Did you run the HM in Clearwater this year? I was there! That said – I’m not sure I will ever do that race again. It was HARD.

      I do have to size up with Nike (I skip Nike and Adidas), but I am happy to report that lululmeon ran true to size. I have to say my favorite stuff is from Target/Champion.

      I would probably buy more stuff from Athleta if Gap had more of their stuff in the store!

      • says

        I think that was the hardest HM I’ve ever done! Maybe because it started (relatively) late and it was super hot that day. I actually ended up being so dehydrated I got sick! I don’t think i’ll do that race again unless they change the parking/start/finish setup. It was such a cluster – and I think worse this year than last year!
        Theresa @ActiveEggplant recently posted..A Little R&R

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance says

    Perfect Gentlemen! That song was on my Greatest Hits CD that I got for graduating 5th grade haha.

    And ahhh, Lake Baldwin 😀 My favorite place to run (not that I ever run anymore, but still.)
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..Ms. Independent

    • Michelle says

      If they are the same shirts I am thinking of — they had them $9 yesterday! They just didn’t look good on me. Boo. And that whole not doing yoga thing too…ha.

      Paula tried on this AWESOME running jacket that had a tailfeather – and a gazillion pockets. We both wanted it – but you can’t justify a $90 jacket when it gets cold for 2 months. Ha ha.

  3. says

    We’re gonna eeeeelope to Meeeexxxico! Love it.

    I always think I want to buy fancy workout gear and then I talk myself out of it. Like, “Hello! You’re just going to sweat your face off in this. Go buy something cheap at Old Navy and call it a day.” I am so cheap. I mean *frugal*–yeah, let’s call it that.
    Melissa recently posted..Meltdown


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