Ghost of Halloweens Past

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!

I know I’ve shared a few Halloween pictures of years past — but tonight I’m going way back. We OBVIOUSLY loved Halloween in our house!


Awww…Strawberry Shortcake!


2nd grade (I only know this because of the missing teeth!) And in case you were wondering if B looks like my little brother – the answer is yes (the one on the left – he’s 5 here!).


I have no recollection of dressing up like a cat — and I’m a bit too young to blame it on the alcohol.



Same year – different event. I love the addition of Peter Pan.


I think this is 9th grade. I didn’t go trick or treating — I just dressed up. Can’t say I ever wore slutty or princess clothes! Well, when I was little.

And a few college pictures…



Different year, same skirt. Clearly there’s a theme.

I’m going to recovering from 1.5 hours of trick or treating… More pictures to come!


  1. says

    I don’t remember those costumes or ever taking that picture. This is why I blog, because I have such a horrible memory! I am glad that you have a good one. So where were we???? 😉

    Oh, I can say that I know this must have been in college because my hair is short. Other than that, no clue.

    You are running a marathon soon! I think it’s funny, you posted somewhere that you would never do your PhD. I would never run a marathon. But I am looking forward to cheering you on from afar. And hearing all the details! Good luck! You’re going to be so awesome.
    Nicole C. recently posted..Weird Parent Worries

    • Michelle says

      This is when I visted you at Sewanee — I was in grad school and I think it was your senior year?? Good times :)

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