KT Tape Fail, Wine Win

While I was dreaming last night there was a loud crash. I had a feeling it was happening in real life, but for some reason I stayed in my warm cozy bed.  Sure enough, when I got up to run I saw this…


Thankfully, nothing was seriously damaged. Some ornaments broke, but nothing sentimental or anything that can’t be replaced with a little trip to Target. I have no idea what happened – the whole stand went down too (but the lights remained plugged in – obviously)!! We have since realigned  and I think the tree is good to go. Well, at least I hope it is. It’s not leaning like crazy any more, so that’s hopeful!

As for the run… even though Coach Melissa told me I shouldn’t – I just REALLY wanted to run today (it’s an addiction, people, it really is). So I taped up with KT Tape and hit the road.


(You wanted to see this much of my skin up close and personal, no?)

I actually tried out a sample of KT Tape on Sunday night and I was impressed. It helped me A LOT with my groin pain and I was feeling like new the next day.

Unfortunately, I am had issues with it this morning. The tape WOULD NOT stick to my inner thigh and while it was hanging on their at first – once I started running it just kept riding up. Boo.

The GREAT news is that my groin did not bother me. It did feel a little weak, so I didn’t push the run – but it was pain free. Woo-hoo! It was a fantastic run – the weather was perfect and I just felt calm. I wore my Garmin, but I didn’t look at it all – which is so rare.

So I might try to tape up again on Thursday and run a few miles — and I will definitely be seeking expert help at the expo on Friday. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong?

In other GREAT news we got our Christmas cards in the mail today (yay!) AND I found my wine again.

Oh, Cupcake Red Velvet how I’ve missed you!! I have not been able to find this wine anywhere — but it was still hanging out at BJ’s for $7.99.

It’s always about the little things.

What little things make you happy? Have you ever tried KT Tape? What am I doing wrong?

Hope you survived your Tuesday!


  1. Melissa says

    Hooray for being pain-free! Glad you were able to have a great run :)

    I thought getting the wine at Target for $8.99 was a steal, but you definitely get a huge WIN at $7.99. They’ve been having it on sale there a lot .. not sure if it’s just here in Texas or in all stores, but I’d def recommend checking there for it. Love the Red Velvet!
    Melissa recently posted..What’s Next?

    • Michelle says

      They typically have Red Velvet at Walmart Neighborhood Market for $8.99 – but then stopped selling it! They don’t have ANY Cupcake wine at my Target — sad, right?

  2. jane says

    I don’t understand what I’m looking at…what’s that glowing white object in the foreground? It looks like a ghost-child.

    Love the Red-Velvet Cupcake! It’s $7.99 at Costco, too. Those must have been some sad days when you were having trouble finding it…

  3. Maryellen says

    Wow..you are lucky that a fire didn’t start when the tree toppled!! As for my favorite wine, Walmart has cases now!! LOL.. Be careful with you groin injury.. Shouldn’t you have it checked by a DR..if you are going to run a half marathon over the weekend? Ok..just being a Mom! Glad the tree is back up and nothing serious got broken!! Glad you found your wine again!! Keeps life in perspective!!

    • Michelle says

      Oh, it wouldn’t have started a fire! Those lights are LED and it was nowhere near water or anything. In fact, the water didn’t spill at all!

      If the pain was worse, I’d have it checked out but it feels completely normal now. For now, I’m feeling an eye on it.

  4. Victoria @ Running Peanut says

    i would freak out if my tree fell like that – glad everything was OK!

    Our Publx still carries Cupcake. But then again, there are probably a lot of winos in CP!

    • Michelle says

      Our Publix has Cupcake – just not Red Velvet for some reason. It’s so weird! It’s more expensive there anyways (like $12 a bottle! Really Publix?).

      Thankfully the tree looks like it’s up for good!

  5. lizza says

    I personally find that a falling tree is usually caused by an animal, a dog or cat would be a prime suspect…… Would there be one around your tree by any chance?
    lizza recently posted..Tyre chains

  6. says

    Hey Michelle- sorry for the trouble with KT Tape. It’s hard to be 100% certain, but based on the picture it may just be a simple application issue that caused the tape to come off. We’d love to help. Feel free to email us anytime at marketing@kttape.com. Thx! Jim KT Tape support team.

    • Michelle says

      Hi Jim – thanks for the comment! I do think it’s operator error. I plan on stopping by the KT Tape booth at the RnR Vegas expo for some guidance this weekend.

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