It’s Party Season!

You know the holidays are upon us when these kinda pictures happen…




Then tonight we had our 2nd annual gift swap. Last year it was Snuggies.



This year it was “As Seen On TV Gifts”

I am very excited about my Shake Weight.


But even MORE excited about this (thanks Kate!).


Not on TV – but always on my blog.

I somehow failed to get a group picture this year. Possibly because our server was an idiot. So we’ll pretend…

Gift Swap

Speaking of parties – I have TWO more to attend this week (and a hair appointment tomorrow night). Good thing there’s some actual RUNNING going on, lately. Seriously, there has been.

Someone PLEASE give me a reality check. Is Christmas REALLY in 10 days?

If you were going to buy someone an “As Seen On TV” gift — which one would you buy? 


    • Michelle says

      BK could share his sham wow! Actually, I’ve heard the sham wow is really good for running. Cut it up and use it as a towel. Or is that what you use?

      I’m pretty sure Jackie could sing the slap chop rap to you.

    • Michelle says

      Well, I can definitely tell you the Shake Weight is all hype. Ha ha. It’s 2.5lbs of plastic and I have NO idea what it’s supposed to do for me.

      I really want to get a Magic Bullet – they come highly recommended!

  1. says

    We have a closet full of those items. Somebody in the family *cough* not me *cough* should not be allowed to watch TV with access to a credit card. The wonder mop was the one that stands out in my mind as the worst.

    And you guys look like possessed characters from a Stephen King novel with the shiny eyes in that first photo. Especially KN.
    Biking My Mass Off recently posted..I’m really glad I don’t have to apologize to Neil Patrick Harris

    • Michelle says

      Hmmm — I don’t remember the wonder mop. I DO have a Shark Steam Vac and I highly recommend it!

      We really do look possessed. And when I tried to edit our eyes it kept switching to “furball.” Hmmm…

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