Five For Friday: Great Moments of 2011

Woo-hoo — it’s the last Friday of 2011! One more run, one more day of work, and one last night Friday night before 2012.

While I don’t do resolutions, I do like to review my accomplishments of the past year and build on them. I have to admit 2011 was pretty GREAT year and I achieved more than I ever thought I could. It might be pretty hard to top!

Here are my top moments in 2011…

1. I ran a Marathon. I know you guys have probably forgotten ALL about this – but I obviously haven’t. I’m pretty sure I retain the rights to brag about the marathon for at least a year, right?

Screen shot 2011-11-07 at 8.37.46 PM

As of right now, I don’t plan on running another marathon until 2013. It’s weird that I just don’t have the drive or desire? I DO want to break 4:30 though. Someday.

2. I ran a sub 2:00 Half Marathon –  Accomplishing this goal felt AMAZING and makes me want to run faster and faster. I’m hoping for a repeat performance in 2012. I just need to keep pushing myself!


3. My “baby” graduated from Pre-K and started Kindergarten – These events were both exciting and tearful. It’s amazing how fast 5 years of your life can just fly by! Let the school days begin.


4. Lots of travel happened. I flew to Dallas, DC, Boston, and Las Vegas. I also visited St. Pete, Tampa, Sarasota/Bradenton, and Savannah. Next year there’s even MORE travel including Vegas (yes, again) and Sonoma Valley for my brothers weddings. I’m also hoping to hit the lotto to fund these trips :) Or perhaps someone wants to sponsor me?


5. I met fantastic people. I started a new job, I met people through the blog, and I joined a running group.I’ve really stepped out of my comfort zone this year and I have to say it was SO MUCH FUN.


2011 was a fantastic year — 2012 has some TOUGH competition!

What are some of YOUR favorite moments? Do you set resolutions/goals?



  1. says

    What an amazing year you have had! One of my best moments was running my first half marathon with my husband! We did all of our training together and ran the whole race together. I loved it. Oh, and I also started my running blog 😉
    Amy recently posted..Highlights and Goals

    • Michelle says

      It’s definitely been a crazy year!!!

      I love that you run your half marathon with your husband (I tried to get my hubby to run with me, but it didn’t happen). I’m still hoping it will happen someday :) Hope you have a wonderful 2012!

  2. Maryellen says

    You are amazing!! Best wishes for a more successful year in 2012.. Not sure how you can top what you did this year..but knowing you.. you will succeed in all that you put your mind too!! Love ya..

    • Michelle says

      Thanks mom :) Any plans for NYE?? I’ll call you tomorrow — hope you have a wonderful 2012 full of everything you are wishing for!

    • Michelle says

      Thank you!!! (and I keep meaning to post on you NY recap posts – but then I get interrupted – but I LOVE them).

  3. says

    Some of my favorite moments were running my first 10K, finally getting back into reading some great books after my 3-year maternity layoff from having time to read and most importantly, meeting people like YOU! Is it possible we’ve only “known” each since this summer? This was such a fun year of blogger meetups and events and it’s been a blast getting to know some really cool new chicks! Here’s to many more glasses of wine and snarkfests in 2012!
    Jackie @ MomJovi recently posted..Our First ER Trip

    • Michelle says

      It’s definitely odd to me that we just met this summer! I feel like I’ve know you forever. (I also wish I had met you BEFORE the 10k, because we could have hung out – are you going to try to run it again?)

      I hope you guys have a wonderful 2012!!

  4. says

    Ah, kindergarten… I still cry when I drop him off. I can’t believe how old the little guys are. I’ll be a mess when the angel goes, she’s already getting too big too fast. And we did a marathon. I’ll eventually do another to redeem myself but for now I’m kinda laying low. Got lots of things planned for 2012 though, good stuff too!
    Tara @ recently posted..Operation Jack news…

    • Michelle says

      You are seriously my blog twin! Thankfully, I have an extra year on you with Livie. She starts pre-school this summer.

      Looking forward to hearing about your 2012 – I have a good feeling that it’s going to be a great year!

  5. says

    I have loved following you these last few months, Michelle! I feel like we’ve become real friends, and I look forward to sharing in your victories! Congrats on some awesome accomplishments this year!

    My favorite moment was definitely my huge PR in my half. Believing in myself as a runner for the first time was some pretty powerful stuff. And while I don’t make resolutions, I do have a goal to run at least one and probably 2 full marathons this year. Scary, but I’m inspired by your success!
    Melissa recently posted..2011 Eats!

    • Michelle says

      Eeek!! 2 Marathons!!! You are going to rock them. And I’m so excited about January – can’t wait to meet you.

      You are definitely my inspiration for kicking ass on my half marathons. I know I have some speed in me. Somewhere!

  6. says

    What an amazing year you had! So happy for you for all you were able to accomplish!! :)
    My top moments this year were getting a permanent position at work, running my first half marathon, and starting my own blog! 😀
    And I do make goals for the New Year. I made a whole plan with action steps and everything this year! I’m determined to make it my best year ever!!
    Krista @ Stethoscopes & Running Shoes recently posted..New Years Resolutions 2012

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