Totally Random Thursday

1. Paula was right.


Of course she was. What was she right about? Not all treadmills are evil. Meet the most pleasant treadmill I’ve ever ran on:


I had sprints on the schedule to day and was dreading every second of it. I got to the gym, started running, and I felt like I was FLYING. 5 miles and 44 minutes later and I was done. It was seriously one of the best runs I’ve had in a long time and I sub 9’d it which hasn’t happened in MONTHS.

So all along the verdict was that the treadmills at my old gym just SUCKED. The incline was always off and sometimes they rocked (and not the good kind of rocking) and I just felt every mile. Not any more b*tches!!

2. I’m pretty sure the song Paradise is stalking me.

I love Coldplay, but it’s making me a little nervous. My iPhone is infatuated with it. I have it the song in a random play list — with 40+ other songs. I listen to it on shuffle. You know what song pops up at least 3 times a day??? Sometimes right after it’s JUST played? Para, para…Paradise. On top of it – I hear the song everywhere. At the gym. At the gas station. Grocery shopping. It’s not even my favorite song on the album – so it’s not like I WANT it to play nonstop. Is it a sign? What does it MEAN?

3. Speaking of Coldplay.


Got my tickets today. Merry Christmas Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!

4. As excited as I am about the concert — I am even more excited about this!


Will you be running the Disney Marathon on Sunday? I’ll be there — with chocolate — at Mile 23.

5. As I predicted… it’s warm again.

Screen shot 2012-01-05 at 8.51.25 PM

Yep, this is why I live in Florida. (don’t hurt me)

6. And finally…this….is hilarious.

Mickey’s such a perv!

Anything totally random happening on your Thursday? Who’s ready for the weekend???


  1. Tiffany says

    Ha! Your post is funny because I also went to the Y today and was complaining about the new treadmills. I liked the old ones because they had a fan on them. I will warm up to the new ones once I figure them out. It was a pain to switch between paces but I think I was probably doing it the hard way. You will like the Y!

    • Michelle says

      I am LOVING the Y! Which treadmills did you have before? My friends aren’t sold on the new spin bikes that we have – but I have a feeling after 2-3 classes they will love them. Change is hard!

    • Michelle says

      Yes – that clip was from The Soup — I love that show. You need to join the Y already. It would be even better if you could come to spin classes WITH me. You would LOVE the spin instructor I had Saturday.

  2. Kaycee says

    Love Paradise by Cold Play, but hadn’t seen the video until you posted. Wow, it’s a little disturbing. Guess that’s cold play for ya! Glad you like the treadmills. It’s always good to find one that rocks (figuratively!).


    • Michelle says

      I can tempt you with more if you want :) Not sure which Y you would go to — but they get new equipment every year! Do you guys have the spin bikes with the RPMs? They are FANTASTIC!!

  3. says

    YAY! I love me some treadmill, too, but when they don’t work right–if anything AT ALL if off–they suck. So I’m glad you found one that treats you right! 😉

    Holy crap, that triangle bush thing had me LOL’ing all over the place! Hilarious! Also, I am super jealous of your nice weather. It’s unseasonably warm here right now (42* and sunny–WOOT!), but I like 72* a lot better!
    Melissa recently posted..Speedwork & Salad

  4. Ricole Runs says

    I don’t believe it, I still think ALL treadmills are evil. I’m not sure my mind could possibly be changed about this! I am so jealous you got to volunteer at Disney! How was it?!

    • Michelle says

      Believe it! I feel I could float on the damn thing. It’s amazing how much a GOOD treadmill can make a difference!

      Disney was awesome. I am definitely volunteering again! Such a great experience.

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