Competitive? Me?

Today started with a 6-miler tempo run. I hate to classify my runs as “tempo” because I feel like I’m really bad at maintaining the same pace mile after mile. At least when I’m NOT racing. Somehow this morning I pulled it off – so I’m calling it a tempo run. My goal was to warm up and then run my miles at a 9:20ish pace. Good news – my goal was pretty much accomplished. The first mile clocked in at 9:38 and then, I was speedier from there. I finished in 56:48 – with 9:28 average. Not bad, especially since I wasn’t really PUSHING the pace. I felt like this was a really comfortable run. The weather (50 degrees) helped. I’m pretty sure 50 degrees is my PERFECT running temperature.

It was back to work today and after a relatively busy day, I picked up a Thai feast on the way home.



I ordered from Thai Singha – which is my favorite local Thai restaurant. It also helps that it’s close! On the menu: Drunken Noodles with Chicken, Pineapple Fried Rice, and Veggie Spicy Bamboo Shoots. I also ordered their Veggie Lemongrass Soup (which is by far my favorite item on their menu) for lunch tomorrow.

Also joining us for dinner were my friends Tracy and Heather.


A long, long time ago (I’m dramatic) Heather was my workout buddy — and I haven’t seen her in THREE months. This was also the first time she’s seen my floors – which we got in JULY. So you know if was time for a get together!

After dinner and after the kids went to bed – the real fun began. Yes, I’m talking about Just Dance 3.



Since the hubby is injured and Tracy refuses to dance – it was Heather and me for about 2 hours of dancing. I started out as a winner, but as Heather got the hang of it she started to kick my ass. I’d like to say it didn’t bother me but…


Pictures say a thousand words!

(and yes, I played in my PJs without a bra on – you’re welcome) (MomJovi, my shirt is for you)

It’s hard for me to admit defeat – and while I DID win the last round that we played (WOOT!), Heather definitely won. *hangs head in shame*

That said, we both felt the burn — and by burn I mean we got all hot and sweaty. This game is a SERIOUS workout. (Does that mean I just did a 2-a-day?).


We’ve decided that our rematch will include our significant others, and a lot of alcohol (and lots of bribing to get Tracy to participate). Sounds like a plan to me!

Such a fun night – totally unexpected for a Tuesday!

Are you a good dancer? (I thought I had rhythm until we got this game – now it’s questionable) What’s your favorite Thai dish?


  1. says

    OMG love that you played Just Dance AFTER the kids went to bed! So much fun! I usually think I’m an ok dancer, but I think that is directly related to the amount of alcohol I’ve consumed.

    Love me some Thai food, but I don’t eat it enough to know what my favorite is . . . :/ I do know that I like drunken noodles and pad thai, so that’s something!
    Melissa recently posted..Motivating

    • Michelle says

      Oh yeah – had to wait until after because then they would have wanted to stay up with us :) I totally agree about dancing relating to the amount of alcohol consumed. Ha!

      I feel like I always get the SAME thing when I’m at a Thai restaurant. Oh wait, that’s every restaurant.

  2. says

    I just want to roll in that Thai food! Thai Singha is my favorite as well. I love their summer rolls (best peanut sauce ever) and their yellow curry. Looks like such a fun night! I have zero rhythm, but at least it’d be entertaining!
    Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups recently posted..Hawkers

    • Michelle says

      I don’t know that I’ve ever had their yellow curry. Maybe I’ll try it next.

      I was definitely not winning any awards for dancing or grace – but it WAS fun.

    • Michelle says

      We should! I know you guys go to Dance Trance on Saturdays — wish I could but I have the kids (Dan works). Hmmmm.

      • says

        Jumping in here … if you thought they could entertain each other, Elisa (the Dance Trance owner) has a room right off the dance studio that people sometimes put their kids in. OK, that sounds weird. But L. might be a bit too young and they’d have to wear earmuffs for some of the more R-rated songs! Too bad E. has piano on Sat mornings now — I’d tell you to just drop them off here and DadJovi could be Daddy Daycare!

        There are also classes on Sunday evenings at 5 that I’ve taken a few times. That could work!
        Jackie @ MomJovi recently posted..Is My Kid Reading My Blog?

    • Michelle says

      I LOVE red curry too :)

      I’m thinking I’ll be back mid March (maybe I can treat you to a belated birthday dinner!). I’m hoping to have more notice this time – and hopefully you won’t be in Brazil!

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