Five for Friday: Revenge

Holiday weeks throw me off a bit. They always feel like they are so much longer than they really are. I could have sworn that yesterday was Friday. All day I thought – thank goodness tomorrow is the weeke…DAMN it’s only Thursday. Well, FINALLY it IS Friday. Not a moment too soon.

So one of my biggest guilty pleasures right now is Revenge. The drama, the clothes (seriously – who ever styles this show does an amazing job), the pretty people. THE REVENGE.


I admit, I’m a sucker for a slow reveal. I love TV shows that take their sweet time rolling out the plot and then punch you in the gut with their twists and turns. The revenge IS the best part of the show though. It’s not even the superficial kind of revenge. It’s the well thought out, imploding from the inside out kind.

Of course, watching the show has made me think about the things I want revenge on – oh, and there are a few…

1. My hair in middle/high school.


WTF is going on here people? (we’ll take about the clothes later) Remember this was pre-flat iron. Thank goodness for that little invention. (I’m pretty sure these pictures were also pre-braces. Thank goodness for those things)

2. Cancer.


Sorry to get all serious here – but cancer is a BEAST I want serious revenge on it. It’s taken too many people I know and many people I’ve never met. I know I’m not alone, but it can make you feel so alone.

3. The fast food I ate (and ate, and ate) in high school.


(In case I need to clarify – not me) (source)

Perhaps I needed to go through this phase to understand the importance of healthy eating and healthy living. Mostly I’m just annoyed I didn’t enjoy it MORE – is that weird? I don’t enjoy fast food at all now. The closest I get to it is a salad from Chik-fil-a or a burrito from Chipotle (owned by Mickey D’s). It just repulses me and makes me feel sick, which I am kinda thankful for.

4. Clomid and Femara.


These are drugs I took when I was trying to get pregnant (before B & L). They gave me hot flashes, mood swings, horrible acne — and didn’t work. I did get a sneak peek into menopause. Lord help us all.

5. Kate Middleton


Bitch. (OK not really, I love her — Prince William went up a few notches with that one. Yay for brunettes!)

What/who do you want revenge on? Do you watch Revenge??


  1. says

    I love Revenge! I honestly thought it would be lame, but I’ve gotten completely sucked in, and Kevin even watches it. I need to catch up on Wednesday’s episode, though. When I eat fast food, I feel like it’s taking revenge on me as opposed to the other way around. Blech. I want revenge on the Stairmaster. What a torture device.
    Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups recently posted..On the calendar

    • Michelle says

      Oh yeah – Dan loves Revenge too! I thought this week’s episode was OK – last week’s reveal was pretty awesome though!

      Oh man, the stairmaster is evil. So you decided to stay at LA Fitness?

  2. says

    Revenge fell off my radar a while ago–maybe I can find past episodes on Hulu? I want revenge on the years I spent not working out. What was I thinking??? And now I want revenge on burpees, which I have decided are the hardest exercise on the planet. Ew. And let’s not forget every ex-boyfriend who’s made me feel like crap about myself. I’d like to see a few of them squirm (insert evil laugh).
    Melissa recently posted..32

    • Michelle says

      ABC is about to post all of the episodes online. The last few episodes have been KILLER.

      I agree about the not exercising – I still kick myself for not TRYING in high school. Oh, and I’d LOVE to reject a whole bunch of boys we made fun of me/picked on me in high school (there weren’t many mean girls at my high school – just mean boys!).

    • Michelle says

      UGH on the job! That sucks. Any prospects?? What’s your field? Let me know if I can help!!

      And Madeline Stowe is AMAZING. Does the woman age?

  3. says

    HA! I would love to take revenge on my middle/high school hair as well! Too funny – the higher the bang, the better the hairstyle. I would like to take out revenge on the inventor for the skinny jean, and then whoever said it was the “it” look.

    • Michelle says

      I surprisingly could NEVER get my hair that high. I was vertically challenged :)

      I actually wore skinny jeans today – but I ONLY wear them with boots. I don’t get the skinny jeans with flats (or heels) thing AT ALL.

  4. says

    I had the worst hair in middle school. I, too, would love to take revenge on it.

    Revenge is an awesome show and I love the styling. I just got into the show a few weeks ago and had to get a free pass to Hulu Plus to get all caught up. So worth it!

    What else are you watching twinsie?
    Tara @ recently posted..Friday fun with fotos

    • Michelle says

      It’s SO good! Too bad you had to pay to see all of the episodes – ABC just announced they were putting all of the episodes online :(

      I’m (as I’m typing this) watching Alcatraz. Not sure how I feel about it yet! You?

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