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The one thing I love about blogging is the fun and, really, just awesome people I have met. People (who in all honesty who could be seriously insane or deranged) go from being complete strangers to people you’d love to hang out with all the time. So, when your blogmate turns 25* (and she lives in the same city as you) you’re obliged to celebrate. OK, so it  wasn’t an obligation. I probably would have paid good money to hang out with Jackie again since the last time we saw each other was in November. Too long.


Reunited – feels so good!

* This may or may not be an accurate number.

It was also Victoria’s birthday – so a bunch of us headed out for a night of fun and debauchery. And drink modeling.


Dinner was at Ceviche, which is in the “historic” Church Street Station part of downtown Orlando area (it’s where the entrance to the Exchange used to be). Going downtown always makes me nostalgic for when Church Street was in it’s heyday — and last night was no different *sniff*. It’s definitely changed a lot in the last 10 years – but it’s nice to see Church Street busy once again!

We were seated promptly, but told that we needed to be gone by 9. Say what? RUDE. Thankfully, we had two hours and the food was quick (we all ordered tapas). Our waiter talked REALLY fast and he had a thing for Paula — or a thing for subtly insulting Paula. He is not a fan of limes in Crown drinks or the stuffed quail. Noted. At one point he talked to our table for about 10 minutes without breathing. That’s talent.



Paula, Katy, and Jackie looking lovely

The food was good – I ordered something with scallops (to die for), portobello mushroom, and olives. I also tried the goat cheese, an omelete thingy, some shrimp, a really tasty salad, and the sparkling sangria. I would give you the official names but that requires me to Google them and I’m too lazy. Really, I don’t think you can go wrong with the dishes. My only complaint is that I didn’t feel full – I could have eaten about 4 more loaves of their bread and 4lbs of their goat cheese.



Paula’s thumb of approval

After Ceviche we headed to Ember — which is pretty much my most frequently visited nightclub in Orlando. For some reason I always end up there! Last night we continued the trend. We celebrated with shots, girly gossip, and silly pictures (a huge thank you to Jackie and Paula for sharing their pics with me!).



Hey there Andrea – so glad you joined us :)



1 arm (Paula’s), 9 people – that has to be some kind of record, right?





We then decided we need to do some cardio and went on the hunt to meet up with Paula’s hubs, Fabian. We thought he was at Blank Space (which was less than a half a mile from us), but it turns out he was at the The Abbey — which was far. Especially when you are wearing heels. Jackie made the walk interesting by saying, “Hi” to everyone. Oh, and we also got “abbed” (a random guy turned around and showed up his abs). I think being friendly paid off.

We did finally make it and meet up with him (and my boss!)


The Abbey was an extremely interesting place for people watching – but unfortunately I faded fast once we arrived.


Not drunk, just tired.

We called it a night around 1:30 (maybe?) — where Paula and co. dropped me off at my car. They actually went on to grab some food, but I drove home as  fast I could and passed out. Oh what a night!

I hope that Jackie and Victoria had a fun night — we’ll have to do it again in June when Paula and I celebrate our birthdays :)

What’s your shot of choice? (Patron – CHILLED) Tapas – love ’em or leave ’em (I’m still on the fence)?


    • Michelle says

      Hee – that’s what Victoria was doing. I can’t sip tequila – but anything else it’s definitely more like a drink.

  1. says

    AHHH! SO fun! I wish I lived closer to you guys–I want in on that fun. I am super impressed with Paula’s self-photography skills. I’m also jealous that you got “abbed.” Man, dare to dream.

    I’m on the fence about tapas, too. I want, like, a real meal. And shots? Well, I usually just dump them in the plant, but if I’m actually going to take one, anything with vodka is a good bet.
    Melissa recently posted..Birthday Celebration

  2. says

    Party time – I should have spent my birthday with you guys in FL!

    Love tapas but feel like I need to order 10 of them to feel satiated. As for shots, chocolate cake (Stoli Vanilla + Frangelico) or Red Headed Slts are my go-tos. And if I don’t want to hate life the next day, I try to steer clear of both 😉
    Melissa recently posted..ZOOMA thus far {photo edition}

    • Michelle says

      You should have! Happy belated birthday :) That’s exactly how I feel about tapas – but maybe this is why Europeans are so skinny?

  3. Victoria @ Running Peanut says

    I’m definitely borrowing some of these pictures – except the one where I look “seductive.” Ha ha ha!

    SO much fun – let’s do it again soon!

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