Eat, Sleep, Run

Oh, what a weekend!

This weekend has been a great mix of fun and sleep. How often do I say that?

Friday night started with parent’s night out (thanks to the kids’ daycare for extended hours!) and date night! We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day (we might have 12 or so years ago), but how can you pass up free babysitting?

We started at Bayridge Sushi for drinks and sushi.



I was pleasantly surprised at both the size of the menu and the prices.


We got there and ordered before 6 – so they had happy hour specials as well ($3 glasses of wine, 2/1 beer, and basic rolls). Score! We got 6 rolls and 2 rounds of drinks for about $60.


Possibly the most embarrassing moment of the night was when the staff sang Happy Birthday to the hubby. Yeah, it wasn’t his birthday. One of his employees is a regular and knew we were there, so he called in and told them to sing to us. Singing also involves a VERY LOUD drum. Awesome.


I did really enjoy our dinner and was impressed at how fast our service was. Definitely worth a trip if you are a local – but get there early because it the place was completely slammed by 7!

After sushi we decided to walk down the street and grab a margarita from Margarita’s Grill.



We made a pit stop at CVS, where the hubby posed with this beer for Paula (they have yet to pose with beer together – but I feel like it’s going to happen soon) and then picked up the kids. What a nice night :)


Yesterday was a LOOOONG day with the kids. They were cranky from being up late – but we managed to have a nice day together. The highlight of the day was B riding his bike without my assistance (!) and Livie FINALLY deciding she wanted to be potty trained (!!!!!) <– probably jinxing it. They completely wore me out though – and I was in bed BEFORE 10 – asleep before 10:30. What an exciting Saturday night!

I apparently needed the sleep though because I didn’t wake up until 7:30 this morning! Just in time to enjoy a cup of coffee, run frantically around the house looking for my warm weather running clothes, and meet these lovely ladies for a 12-mile run!


Kelly, Stephanie, Me & Paula

Kelly and I had made plans to do a long run together, Stephanie just happened to be in town looking to run, and I pretty much forced Paula to join us. We ran part of Cady Way Trail, which was fairly empty. It was a CHILLY day (33 degrees – with a wind chill factor of 22 when we started, which is why I look like a blueberry), but it was seriously gorgeous. It was so great running with these ladies! The miles just flew – and I wasn’t staring down at my Garmin the whole time. In fact, I rarely looked at it.

I’m not sure if Paula did her signature “Phoebe run” up the overpass…

Still makes me laugh – a year later.

But we did run this sucker.


We finished in an 1:55! The best part is that my legs don’t feel like they ran 12 miles at all. I think it has something to do with running in the cool weather.

I’ve spent the rest of the relaxing as I came home to CLEAN HOUSE. Have I mentioned that I love my husband?  I’ve also been scanning in some old pictures (mostly of my youngest brother) for my soon-to-be sister-in-law.


Man, we were SO cute! What happened? :)

I plan on ending this weekend by watching The Grammy’s tonight. A certain band that I can’t get enough of is performing — and I’m looking forward to the Jennifer Hudson tribute to Whitney Houston. We lost such a great talent!

What was the best part of YOUR weekend?


  1. christina phelps says

    Man you guys were cute!! I think my favorite is the picture of Ben riding the barbie power wheels bike(obviously not his favorite) hehe:) Thanks for scanning them, these are great for my little project!

  2. Maryellen says

    So happy that you and Hubby had a great dinner date..and so sweet of the day care! Love the posting of the pictures, makes me want to be young again and squeeze you all. You were all beautiful. More so now as you have all developed into wonderful and successful adults! Happy Valentine Day!

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