From Tame to Insane

I survived!! It was another fun night in Charleston – that ended in an absolutely insane way.

We started in pre-party mode, but I admit I wasn’t really up to the partying. LAME. Even after my nap, my head was pounding and my stomach was angry. Needless to say, it was a tame night for me — but not the bride and her girls!





When we stepped outside the hotel it was POURING so we ended up grabbing a taxi. I know it’s going to sound crazy but we had some seriously fun taxi rides thanks to this one taxi driver. He had singing and dancing. We called him a few times that night!

We headed to Coast for dinner – and I think we all agreed the food was great! I’ll do a full review on Charleston eats tomorrow because we were definitely not disappointed in any of our meals.





After dinner we hit our first bar – The Gin Joint. The Gin Joint was ADORABLE. The bartenders and servers dressed all fancy with bow ties. The concept of the bar is that it is a “pre-prohibition bar” where the focus is on flavor and style. I had the Floradora Cocktail – which consisted of Hendrick’s Gin, Lime, Raspberry, and Ginger. It was really good – and I thought the ginger might help my stomach, but I could only handle one drink.





While we were there we met some nice Southern men. They were adorable — and also babies.


More bow ties — we had to get a picture.


After the Gin Joint we headed to The Social Wine Bar for a drink (this where I gave up drinking) and then after that headed to Mad River, which was a big ol’ college bar. Everyone kept asking Christina if she was a bride. Hee.


We stayed at Mad River until it closed and this was where the insanity began. It was still pouring outside and we were SOAKED trying to find a cab.


People were going insane – trying to steal other people’s cabs and banging on cabs when they saw we were full. It was bizarre because I was JUST commenting on how NICE people in Charleston were.

When we got back to the hotel we decided that we were going to send the cab back to get a few of the girls that didn’t come with us. While we were paying this couple came out of NOWHERE and started pounding on the car – screaming at us to, “Get the f*ck of the car!” It was crazy. We all tried to rationalize with them, but the more we did, the more they screamed. So we started screaming back. At one point we thought the guy was going to hit one of the girls. The couple was obviously drunk/high and they screamed until they were out of sight. I had NO idea this night would end up in a Fight Club. So glad no fists we’re thrown. The funny thing is that the violent couple missed at least 2 cabs while they were busy screaming at us.

We were so shaken we stayed up until 4 talking about the drama (the adrenaline was PUMPING!) and then finally crashed.

This morning we slept in, packed up, and headed over to Halls Chophouse for brunch.


The food was, again, DELICIOUS and perfect for a late night of partying.

After brunch we said our said our goodbyes, did a quick scenic tour of Charleston (I need to upload these pictures!), and headed back home to Orlando – where I managed to get a speeding ticket on the way home. DOH!



ALMOST the perfect weekend!

I was a little nervous about the weekend, since I had met a few of her friends once or twice — but I definitely had a great time – and I’m looking forward to seeing these ladies again soon.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you during a night out?


  1. Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run says

    Omg! I would have been crazy livid at those people! How are people so crazy about cabs there? That happened to me once at a gas station near Ybor City. I had just filled up and was inside the car (putting my receipt away) with 2 friends when someone started beating on the backdoor window. Freaked me out. I drove off really fast!

  2. says

    Yikes! We had a cab fighting weekend at Mohegan a few weeks ago. We were stone cold sober because we realized we are old and lame now and were on our way home at 11pm or so and there were all these drunk people pushing us out of the way for cabs. Ridiculous!
    Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength recently posted..Easy or Great?

    • says

      It was surreal! I’m glad it didn’t go any further than it did.

      Did you go to school with Jess? Almost all of these girls (including the bride) went to UF so it’s probably her!!

  3. says

    Drunk people can be scary! Glad you had fun with the girls, though! I’ve been in that situation before and it always gives me anxiety, then turns out to be fine. 😉

    Love the expression of the 2 guys at the restaurant who turned around when you were taking the picture, BTW. Hilarious!
    Melissa recently posted..Girls’ Night at Pacific Rim

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