Smile Mile

The cutest thing ever happened on Saturday… B ran in his first race.


This face cracks me up. I have no idea what he’s doing.

Every year our local running store hold the “Smile Mile” race for kids ages 5-11. Money is donated to schools with the most participants (B’s school got a $500 check this year!). Ages 6-11 run a mile (it’s split by age group) and the 5 year olds (like B) run a half mile.

When we first got there the 6-year old boys were taking off (the winner ran a 7:09 mile! wow!), so we had to wait around a little bit. B was nervous and hesitant, but excited and determined. He found a few kids he knew (including our neighbor), lined up, and he was off!


L cheered him on.


About 5:30 minutes later he came running up to the finish line.



(grabbed this one off the Track Shack FB page! Thanks Track Shack :))

I’m thinking he runs just like me — he’s not a speed racer (it’s just not in our genes!), but he could go the distance. He was barely breaking a sweat!

And just like me… one race and he’s hooked. It’s gotta be the bling!


He can’t wait for his next race.

So proud of my little guy!!


  1. says

    Cutest.thing.ever. I love that face in the first pic–he’s like a caricature of himself! And the super emotional runner in me totally teared up at the determination on his face at the finish. He’s his mama’s boy for sure!!
    Melissa recently posted..My New Favorite Snack

    • says

      YES — he is a caricature!! I was tearing up as he finished too — especially because he was so excited about the run and not all “I hated that.”

    • says

      Yeah – most of the kids once are short here too. This one is the only one that has a real course (and that we pay for), and comes with a t-shirt and a medal! I’m so impressed how they pull it off!

  2. says

    so cute! i love seeing things like this. too many kids would rather be sitting on their butts playing video games eating a bag of chips. keep up the good influence mom!
    becelisa recently posted..walk the walk

    • says

      I HATE seeing that too!! I think as a working mom it can be a hard choice — but there is no way in hell my kids aren’t getting involved in physical activity!! I’m sure you can relate :)

  3. Melissa says

    That is awesome and so cute! It’s good to get them started early. I want to get my son in a race, just not sure what he is ready for. He is 6, but I think a 1/2 mile might be better for him still.

  4. says

    Jack wanted to do this race really badly, but his time slot was smack dab in the middle of his soccer game. Love the smile on Bs face! :) He is definitely your child. :)

    • says

      Yes, B is a big time goober goon. He reminds me so much of ME it’s scary! Livie is going to be a mean girl. She looks sooo sweet, but man can she beat the crap out of her brother!

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