Three Things Thursday

1. I’m loving the feedback on yesterday’s post! To answer a few questions…

  • Yes, I am having a full-on love affair with spin. It’s been going for a few months now. Shhhh
  • I would really love to get certified and teach spin class (my mom said I would be a mean-ass instructor, and I agree) – but when do I have the time??? I’ll stick with taking spin classes for now and creating spin workouts for the hubby.

Speaking of the hubby – he followed my directions and I’d consider this workout a success!


I usually ride 17-19 miles during that time – so I must have had him going FAST. I’m pretty sure he didn’t slack off.

I love that he sent me these pictures. He’s a blogger at heart.

Look for another playlist next week!

2. My book club has decided to read 50 Shade of Grey — aka Porn.


I have decided to get really drunk at book club if I’m going to talk about this book. What can I say, I’m kinda a prude.

3. My TV world has been exceptionally awesome lately. I’m already sad for summer.

Mad Men came back and has been killing it with the combination of insanely funny, sadly appropriate, well-written, and creepy episodes.

Mad Men

Ringer had this season (hopefully not series!) finale this week and it did not disappoint. Lots of the twists and turns. That show ended up being one of my favorite “campy” shows of the season. I think I said “Oh snap!” at least 10 times while watching it.


I love you SMG.

Psych ended with a main character being SHOT! Truthfully, I’m not super invested in the plotline of this show – but it’s just SO CAMPY and fun. If you have Netflix and you’re looking for something light and funny – I recommend it.


Up All Night ended up being one of my favorite new comedies this year. It ended up with a (re)proposal that made me both laugh and cry. I *heart* Will Arnett and Christina Applegate.


Revenge is back! Why was it gone so long? I don’t remember what happened. (We DVR’d last night’s episode – so don’t tell me anything!)

I<3 TV.

Three random questions: What your’s favorite TV show right now? Would book would you recommend for my book club? When’s the last time you ate french fries?


  1. Maryellen says

    Our favorite shows of this season would be “Unforgetable” and “Person of Interest” all on DVR.. As far the book club.. Im with you on reading trash! But, hey who knows, it might not be as bad as they say..keep us posted. Will not read.. unless made free.. French fries..oh my.. I would love a big bunch of sweet potato fries.. least until after the May wedding!

  2. says

    So I bought 50 Shades of Grey yesterday and I’m sad to say, I’m almost done with it. Be prepared. Yes, it’s a bit dirty but mostly I want to know what happens to the main character.

    Fav shows: Ringer (please don’t get cancelled), Revenge & Mad Men (hello Don!). Oh and I still have to wait and see who the mother is so still watching HIMYM too.
    Tara @ recently posted..Our new family member

  3. says

    Yep–what Rachael said about Revenge. I watched the recap and am really excited to see last night’s episode (currently DVR’ed). My fav show right now is Person of Interest. So smart. But Revenge may be taking a run at it. Oh, and Cougar Town. Love me some CT.

    50 Shades will have you more appalled at the horrible writing than anything else. I promise. And the sex parts? They are kinda hot. It’ll keep you reading late into the night.

    I had fries a few weeks ago after (too much) wine with a friend. They were totes necessary. And delicious.
    Melissa recently posted..Running Update: The Princess Bride Edition

  4. julie16750 says

    Mad Men hands down is my favorite show.

    Up All Night is sooo sweet. The proposal -OMG so cute! I totally tear up watching that show. They sneak in the sweet like HIMYM does. Damn those writers!

    • says

      Yes to Up All Night and HIMYM and their damn sweet/cry moments. I like that Up All Night became so much less about the baby than it was about her having a career and their relationship as the season went on. I guess that really is what happens when you are a working mom though!

  5. says

    i have started to fall in love with spinning, as well. However, it is a bit too intense for me right now…I hope my body will adjust though in a few weeks…
    Debi recently posted..LPN Pay Range

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