The Freakin’ Weekend

This weekend just flew by. It is really over?

My mom came over Friday night, so we just hung out, drank some wine, and watched TV (caught up on Revenge — which was REALLY hard to explain to someone who hasn’t watched the show). We went to bed at 11 because we are party animals. Woo-hoo!

Despite the early (for me) bed time, I DID NOT want up to get when my alarm went off to run. I planned on doing 10 miles – but blerg. I was NOT feeling it. Plus, I had nobody to run with. I’m so spoiled. Instead, I got up and ran 5 miles and vowed to do another 5 miles on Sunday as well.

After a really nice run (which made me regret not starting earlier), I came home and got ready for soccer.


AND apparently pole dancing (there’s this pole on the soccer field — all of the girls flock to it. What’s UP with that??).


Also, someone seems to have a little girlfriend…. he talks about her all the time (they also go to school together). It’s kind of adorable.


After soccer my mom and I took the kids shoe shopping (no luck!) and then they came home and crashed. Shoe shopping is TOUGH.

At night I had plans to meet up with my friends Carol and Devon for drinks and a movie. Yes, we were seeing The Hunger Games. We met up at Urban Flats for some wine – and we ran into some pirates.


Oddly enough, I went to high school with a few of these guys. Seeing them wasn’t awkward at all. Actually, Zack (the guy next to me) actually said, “HEY, I went to high school with you.” and there was a little catching up. They were all pretty drunk, so who knows how much they remember – but it was fun running into them. Of course, I reverted back into “high school Michelle.” Why does that happen? Makes me wish I had worn a prom dress or something.

In any case, we saw The Hunger Games at the Cobb Plaza Cinema in downtown Orlando. It was my first time at this theater – and it won’t be my last. I usually go to Regal because it’s close – but the ticket here was LESS expensive, they have a full bar, and the seats are nicer.

I had a few of Carol’s beers…


While Devon her wine.


As for the movie — I really enjoyed it SO much more the 2nd time. I’m at peace with the things they left out (for the most part).  And while I know there are a few people who did not like the casting for Peeta – seeing it a 2nd time just made me LOVE Josh Hutcherson (in a “he’s 19 and he’s such a cute kid” way – Gale is still hotter). What a great actor -especially considering his age! I still cried at the Rue scenes, laughed at the Effie/Haymitch scenes, and I realized that this one of my favorite scenes.


After the movie we decided to hit up a few bars and a few stripper poles before throwing in the towel.



I went out intending to get home by midnight — and I ended up staying out until 2:15. I know you are all jealous of my designated-driver party animal skills. I will say that I was hit on by several 20-something year old guys and it was somewhat bizarre. I know I’m not THAT old, but were at many bars where the girls were putting themselves OUT THERE (if you know what I mean). I wanted to tell them, “I have two kids!”

Needless to say, I DID NOT want to get up today to run. Thankfully, the hubby let me sleep in (THANK YOU!), but I did skip my run and I was completely bummed out about it.

We had plans to go to the afternoon spin class at the gym, but I was kicking myself for not getting my 10-miler in on Saturday. So, I did want any sane (ha) person would do – I took spin, followed it with 2 miles on the treadmill, and then I ran home (we live 3 miles away).

At EVERY point of this workout I tried to talk myself out of running. The spin class was pretty challenging (LOTS and LOTS of standing sprints). The 2 miles on the treadmill was a enough. It was hot outside. My Garmin wouldn’t pick up satellite. I seriously fought EVERY excuse. And you know what? I did it. I cycled 17.8 miles and then 5 miles after .

Screen shot 2012-04-22 at 7.23.54 PM

(are we friends on Daily Mile?)

And now I’m convinced that triathletes are BAD ASS and that I have no desire to ever be one. But, I did see why so many people have told me that they got stronger after triathlon training. You have NO CHOICE…. you just want to finish as fast as you can!

And now?? Now I’m enjoying dinner (bow tie pasta with beans, argula, & sun-dried tomatoes)


And one of these.


Life is good.

Weekend, I am sad to see you go….


  1. Dan says

    The only girl “featured” on this post who did not take a turn on the pole was Braeden’s crush so I can sleep well tonight.

    • says

      Can I add likes?? Because I wish I could. And yes Dan has very high standards. Don’t worry — your daughter would have been on that pole too. Ha ha.

      “High school Michelle” was super insecure, not fun, and very nerdy. I didn’t really find myself until college — which I would not trade for anything – but for reason reason when I’m around high school people I revert back. It’s so weird!

  2. says

    You ARE a party animal! I went to see hunger games for the second time this weekend, and while I still love it I think seeing it the 2nd time made me notice MORE things that I didn’t like! So that’s funny you had the opposite effect! Your kids are so cute!
    Ricole Runs recently posted..Seattle RnR Training Week #5

    • says

      Ooo — what did you notice the 2nd time? One thing I noticed was when Cato had Peeta by the neck, Peeta was pointing at Cato’s hand to shoot him. How did I miss that the first time??

      • says

        That is SO funny you said that because I TOTALLY noticed that the 2nd time and completely missed it the first time too! I had to ask my husband if that was in the book (he just read it on Thursday which is why we went to see it) and he said yes. I think the first time I was just so enthralled with it so the 2nd time I really noticed the lack of relationship development, which didn’t bother me as much the 1st time.
        Ricole Runs recently posted..Seattle RnR Training Week #5

  3. Maryellen says

    Wow.. you made me tired just reading your workout on Sunday.. You did forget to mention how we came back from shoe shopping/soccer/and yogurt stop..that B insist that he run a 1/4 mile ..while we all stood there and watched..then along came L..she ran 1/2 way to meet up with B.. what energy!! I met up w/Kim afterwards and we hit 3 more shoe places..and finally came away with a nice pair of wedges..a little modern..but sexy shoe!! Yeah..DWS … But..Wouldn’t do the pole dance with them! Enjoy your work week.. envy those drinks you made yesterday..they looked yummy!!

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