Prepping for Whine & Wine (and Intense Agitation)

A new week begins — but not just any week! On Wednesday night my clan is going cross country, that is if we survive the 8 hours of traveling with a 3-year old and a 5-year old. Please send happy thoughts to us and all of the passengers who are forced to nearby.

(source) I think this graphic needs to be updated to include toddlers and kindergartners as well.

I’m seriously SO excited to play the plane game. Where we bribe our children with movies, snacks, iPad time, and coloring books – and all THEY want to do is talk as loud as possible, kick the seat endlessly, rip up magazines, and talk to the strangers in front/beside/behind who are trying to sleep. What’s not to like?

There may be Benadryl involved. Don’t judge.

The plane ride is just the warm up. We are flying into San Francisco and driving up to Sonoma (the next day – we aren’t that insane).

No, we aren’t going on a random wine-tasting vacation with our kids (that would be silly) — we are going because these two (that would be my brother and his fiance) are getting hitched!


There will be a little wine (and probably A LOT of whine — OK and probably a lot of wine too), a little sight seeing, and (knowing my kids) a lot of dancing. I’m definitely very excited about this trip – we’ve been planning it more than a year now. L is a flowergirl, we get to hang out with tons of family, and itt’s even my first visit to California! But seriously, why haven’t we developed teleporting yet????


  1. Maryellen says

    Teleporting…jeez..that would be great… you hear us.. make it easier to travel to the other side of the country!! Looking forward to some fun times. Best wishes for YOUR plane trip!!

  2. Wanda says

    Don’t worry about it… it is what it is…Right? Those two are so “cute” people will just love it, well maybe not for all 4-5 hours. I say get even now because when you and Dan are older and your little ones are all grown up you will be “those” people that small children seem to want to talk, kick, smile, cry, etc. and then you will have to “deal” with it. Our first flight was almost not too bad but the second one, 4 hours long in cramped seats, no leg room, you would have thought I was a 2 year old. I went through the Coke Zero and peanuts, Sodoku, ipod music, book and I then I began to really whine, that was after the first 30 minutes of the flight! Just kidding. Just relax, like when they were babies, they will sense your emotions and plan accordingly (good or bad). Besides what is the worst that can happen? They make and emergency landing some where in the desert…

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