Vacation Prep

Are you ready to see some embarrassing pictures (of me)?

Vacation prep is under way. Truthfully, I haven’t had time to do much “maintenance” lately — so I’m cramming it all before I leave.

On Saturday I bought a new little point and shoot camera (I am still bringing the big daddy DSLR camera – but it’s nice to have a little camera to whip out that fits in the palm of my hand).


The pictures aren’t bad :)



We also bought a portable DVD player — for our sanity. I can’t believe I’ve gone 6 years without one!

On Sunday I squeezed in a mani, a pedi, and an good eyebrow waxing. Pretty sure I looked like I had caterpillars growing on my face.


I went grocery shopping after and completely forgot that I had bright red eyebrows. That’s always fun.

The pedicure was most definitely the most embarrassing experience though. The guy who did my nails told me, “Maybe I should get pedicure more often?” I think it’s been about 2 years since my last pedicure and since then several nails have fallen off and my feet have just gotten incredibly beat up. I still have one black toe nail and I definitely saw the tech give me his “WTF face.” After a good hour (seriously) of work, they now look presentable.


(You didn’t think I was going to show you a picture of my toes now did you?)

The manicure was not as successful. I like the polish – but it’s already jacked up. Thankfully, I used a gift card – it not I would be PISSED. I think next time I need to go with shellac. Or just not have a next time.


This is not an illusion. I have giant hands.

Last night was the final step in my “beautification” process. A yogurt mask (I’ll let you know if it helps) and a box ‘o color.


You cannot blackmail me. It’s just not possible.

The verdict? My hair is once again one color (woot!) — and I’m ready to party. California — bring it!


Do you get pedicures regularly? Have you ever had a GUY nail tech?


  1. says

    I love getting pedicures, but only do it every few months or so (and very rarely in the winter). I hate that manicures get messed up so fast so I don’t usually get those either, but the shellac is definitely the way to go. Yes…I have had a few guys do my pedicures..some were good and others not so much. Have a great trip!!!
    Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength recently posted..What I Learned This Weekend

  2. Lee says

    I actually do get pedicures pretty regularly. It’s really one of the only “girly” things that I do (besides getting my eyebrows waxed, which I am obsessed with). I hardly ever get manicures though because, like you, I manage to ruin them within the same day.
    Lee recently posted..Us and Me Meals

  3. says

    I get pedicures every few months or so. There’s a place in my neighborhood that’s pretty reasonable and the pedi comes with a lower leg massage. Double win! But I refuse to manicures anymore. They’re just not worth it. Ever.

    Ummmmm, is that a Bon Jovi shirt in your facemask photo? Sure looks like one! If so, I heartily approve!

    We still have not gotten a portable DVD player. Usually we just bring the laptop for movies and between that, our phones and E’s V-Tech game player, it works. But for our next major road trip, I think we’ll get one.
    Jackie @ MomJovi recently posted..50 Ways to Roll My Eyes

  4. says

    Oh! I haaaaate having a guy nail tech. I had one *once* and couldn’t relax. Ugh.

    Once I saw them put a guy tech on a little girl getting her first pedi. I bet she never, ever gets another pedicure again.

    Have fun on your vacay!

    • says

      Thankfully it wasn’t too bad or weird. I think it helped that he was like 20 and very clearly liked boys. Ha ha.

      I would probably wouldn’t have felt as comfortable though if it was my first time!

  5. Christy says

    I have vacation on the brain. I’m leaving for San Juan soon and it seems like my gray matter has started the vacation without me. In my mind, I’m already there. Have you experienced this? You’re so excited to go
    somewhere, you spend extra time planning the trip, checking out places to see and, best of all… shopping.
    Christy recently posted..Kupindo

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