Scenes From A Plane

Benadryl was given — but the kids are not sleeping. They are sitting quietly, so I can’t complain.

From Orlando to Chicago – Dan sat to the right of me with the kids — while 2 kids sat behind me and kicked me seat the entire time. Totes awesome.

Overhead next to me:
Woman: “Are you still married?” Man: “Ahhhhhhhhhh…divorced” Woman: “That’s wonderful” Man: “2nd time for 5 years.” Woman: “Truly wonderful.” (they then went on to talk about sex and marriage — and for the record they are both probably in their 50s/60s). Also, she just threw her drink on him. Oh and now they are talking about The Avengers. Tempted to butt in… and I just did. Told them about Scarlett Johansson’s thigh move. Not really, but tempted.

Ordered a Tangueray and tonic — pretty sure it’s just Tangueray.

Only 5 people on the plane were flying from Orlando to San Francisco — the 4 of us and the woman sitting next to me. What are the odds?

We brought 5 DVDs with us on the trip – including The Muppets and Monster’s Inc. B’s favorite? Hello Kitty. I kid you not.

Have I mentioned that I love Joss Whedon? Because I DO. And also, I would see that Air Bud movie.

Ugh…turbulence. Time for another drink and maybe a nap…


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