Tall Girl Problems

A random Friday post — full of Tall Girl Problems. This stems from a pair of jeans I got today. They were supposed to have a 34 inch inseam. Nope, definitely not 34. Liars.

I find it humorous that the people who REALLY need to try clothes on — people who have either short or freakishly long legs – can’t in some stores and you have to buy them online. SUCH A SCAM.

Anyone else relate?





I‘m 5’10 and I wear a size 11 shoe. I really feel for women who are taller than me and wear a bigger shoe size.


  1. Wanda says

    Try being 5’10” and living in Miami (most cubans are short) and pregnant! I had to order from JC Penny or buy a sheet! However, I prefer being tall rather than short.

  2. Lisa says

    I thought I had maxed out in a size 10 shoe until I started running and had to size up to an 11… That was a sad day. 😉

  3. H says

    I feel you…need new jeans and work pants and am super frustrated… I know I will have to get them online and pray they fit…because paying return shipping and the re-shipping SUCKS! I not only have long legs like you, but unlike you I have an additional thigh issue… :(

    • says

      Well, my thighs are definitely bigger now from running – so I can somewhat relate. I look for jeans with stretchy material! I usually have good luck with Gap and sometimes with Banana – but that’s about it.

    • says

      I’m taking you up on that offer. Hee.

      I’m really sure what’s worse face in the boobs or boobs in the face? OK, it’s boobs in the face.

  4. says

    Those are very funny … and issues I’d never even considered before with my absolute average height. Being average isn’t so great either. Until I got pregnant, I was a size 8 in shoes forever, THE most popular shoe size. That means there are never any left.

    Now that I’m the parent of a Tall Toddler, I also realize all the issues that come with that too, namely that people always think she’s older than she is. It makes it really awkward when she acts her age rather than the age she looks.

    But you’re saying I shouldn’t sign her up for basketball, then? Well there goes that college scholarship plan.
    Jackie @ MomJovi recently posted..A Bon By Any Other Name

    • says

      At least they carry a size 8! Size 11 is few and far between. I am always so excited when a store even carries my size. It used to be Payless or nothing — we’ve come a long way.

      I really think the hardest stage of being tall was high school. The majority of the boys were 5’5 and they just did not make tall/long jeans back then. It was either high waters (can’t count how many times I heard “is there a flood coming?”) or men’s jeans. Fun times. Now, I love being tall – for the most part – and I hardly ever think about my height. Until I look at pictures and think, “Holy hell, I am so much taller!” I’m pretty sure I can fit Victoria in my pocket.

      My brothers and I were victims of people thinking we were older (it was harder for my middle brother – everyone thought we were twins!). It helped that I had a summer birthday and was younger than a lot of my friends. AJ was like E – a February birthday – so it was very noticeable. My kids hover between the 50th and 75th percentile, but they both have my legs. Yep, no denying where they come from. Good luck to them!

  5. Maryellen says

    Very funny about you being so tall. The funny thing, when I was young..so so long ago.. I had the same issues.. I was only 5’7″ and my best friend was 5′ 8″.. we didn’t have the boobs in the face problem.. generation do change..think of your father…he was 6′ 5″.. when we married.. his comment from others was.. “how’s the weather up there”! Tall runs in both sides the family.. my grandfather when he came thru Ellis Island, was 6″..that was pretty tall back in 1900!! Some nice things about being tall.. you can reach higher for things on that shelf that most need a chair.. you can help that poor little lady who needs that package on the top shelf… in a crowd you can see above most people.. As far as your jeans.. you have had such good luck in most of your purchases.. send them back.. or donate them to a short person!! Enjoy your day and be stand tall and be proud!

  6. says

    I can SO relate! Being tall definitely sucks sometimes … but I’d rather be tall than short! Or maybe I only feel that way because I don’t know how bad it can be for short people too?

    Anyway…in middle school I was tormented for being tall and was called the Jolly Green Giant. In high school no boys liked me because I was taller than them! And now I cant buy shoes or pants in most stores! (I wear size 12 shoes!)

    Thank goodness we found tall husbands though, right?

  7. J says

    Nickname was Sasquatch growing up. 2 younger sisters are 5ft and 5ft 2in. Mom is 5ft 4in. I was (in accident and lost 3 inches in torso do to disc injury. Still have the 34 inseam.) 5ft 10.5 inches, 125lbs with a size 6.5 shoe and 34 inch inseam. Mom was always hemming or letting down hems to pants, shorts, and dresses. Random people would always come up to me and ask how I was staying up on those things (my small feet). Funny when you walk into a store and they try to give you an extra long, and then think it is weird when it is still too short. How about when you put on your husbands track pants to run errands or to workout and they are too short so you have to sag them a little, and he is 6ft (32inch inseam). Everyone has their stuff, but I do wish tall sizes in stores and on the web would actually be for talls:)

    • says

      YES! I also hate that I am “in between” sizes. A Tall at Gap is 36′ and while I can wear their long (34′), I’d really do better with 35′ so i can wear heels. And yes, I like to wear heels :)

  8. says

    LOLLLL boob to face hug. My best friend is 6’2″ and has a size 11/12 feet. She used to shop at Tall Girls and Lululemon until they BOTH stopped making taller sizes :(

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