My Liver Needs a Vacation

I feel like I’ve done nothing but party lately — and Saturday night  was pretty much the icing on the cake.


It’s actually ON right now.

A few months ago, my friends and I decided we wanted to do a “girls night out” but we hated driving home (and for some of us – getting up early the next day to deal with the kids). So we concocted a plan:  stay at a hotel downtown, go to a nice dinner, and then party. And that’s exactly what we did!

We started out at the hotel –  Embassy Suites in downtown Orlando. It was seriously the perfect hotel for a GNO. They have suites, they have a happy hour (free drinks from 5:30-7:30), and it was within walking distance to almost everything (they also had a free shuttle that we took to dinner).

Group at Embassy Suites

While we got ready  we did all kinds of girly things like have a pillow fight in our underwear and try on each other’s clothes (<–that part is true). Also, Paula did my hair — because it’s FINALLY long enough to curl with a flat iron!


It looked awesome (thanks P!)


Drinks in Hand

I have no idea what time we left for dinner (I’m guessing sometime between 8-8:30)  - but the shuttle took us over to Church Street. so we could go to The Rusty Spoon for dinner.

Paula looking fabulous


Sex in the City?

I had heard good things about The Rusty Spoon (mainly from this girl) and I’m happy to say it did not disappoint.

The Rusty Spoon Menu

I started with a pomegranate wheat beer and a deviled egg.


And then for the main course I went with the 55 burger and onion soup.

The 55

FYI – that entire meal went into my belly. I wasn’t joking around. Others got the Fish and Chips, the Dirty South, and the Lasagna — and they all gave it good reviews. The best part of this restaurant is that the majority of the food is locally sourced. Hope this place sticks around!

We decided to skip dessert (but they all sounded really good – we must go back!) and get the party started.


First we stopped walked down a creepy alley and stopped by Rok Room for some 2-for-1 drinks (and a shot).

Creepy Alley

Shots shots shots shots

(I’m hoping Paula’s picture is posted on her blog - it’s hilarious)

We then moved on to Ember — a place I always seem to end up when I go out. My friend, Jackie, discovered that if you texted “Ladies” to a number and show it at the door Ember gives you 2 free drink tickets. Sweet! And to top it off, they were handing out free Crown Royal Black drinks. Crown is not my thing, but when it’s free?

At Ember a few of us did some serious dancing. I’m pretty sure we looked ridiculous (OK, I KNOW I looked ridiculous), but I just didn’t care. It was fun!





After Ember, we headed to FinnHenry’s to finish out the night. The place was PACKED. There was more drinks and more dancing – and a lot of very drunk people.

After, a few of the ladies were hungry and wanted hot dogs/sausages – while others grabbed some Mediterranean food. I ate a few fries, but I was seriously still full from dinner.


Whatever you are thinking… That’s what she said.

On the trek back to the hotel, I gave up on my shoes (which in retrospect is kinda gross, but at the time — I did NOT care). My feet were KILLING me. That’s what I get for dancing my ass off in new shoes.

We got back to the hotel around 2:30 and a few of us proceeded to participate in some late-night shenanigans that kept us up until at least 4am. I’m not actually quite sure how I am functioning right now.


After breakfast (also included!) and recapping the night – we drove home and recovered. I then actually made myself go to gym to take spin class and run a few miles on the treadmill. It definitely made me feel 100% better (nothing like sweating out all of those toxins!) — but my liver (and probably my arteries) officially needs a major detox. You know, after July 4th.

So here’s to a new month, great friends, and a clean liver. Cheers!


    • says

      I am extending an open invite to you — although I can for sure say how soon we will be doing this again. We’re so old. I don’t know how I used to party like this everyw weekend!

    • says

      Oh, I cannot do this more than once a year. Ha ha. I seriously have no idea how I used to party like this ALL.THE.TIME. We definitely lost steam at the end of the night – but I pushed through. Kinda like running a marathon. Ha.

  1. says

    Oh my gosh, such a fun idea!! Free happy hour & breakfast too? Sweet! Looks like you ladies had a great time :)

    Also VERY impressive that you worked out the morning after – I don’t think it would have ended well for me haha

  2. says

    Oh em gee, I got tired just reading this. I’ve been to Rusty Spoon once and it was really good. And since I work very close to that Embassy Suits, I get the giggles that they gave y’all a shuttle over to the restaurant. It’s good to save your feet when you’re in heels, though! Also, don’t think I didn’t notice that cupcake wine in your picture. Sigh.

  3. Devon says

    So glad I have friends that write such awesome blog posts…so helpful when the details are a bit fuzzy :) Had a great time and can’t wait for Juney 2013!!!


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