Workout Wednesday: Boot Camp #1

Excuse me as I come down from my celebration high. Between multiple birthdays, an amazing concert, and a fun night with my girls I am feeling a little blue this week. Good thing I have a blogger meet up tonight!

This week I have a new workout for you. As I mentioned last week (and truthfully I’m still a little hesitant to post), it’s a modification of the boot camp workout I did LAST Thursday and it completely, COMPLETELY kicked my ass. Thank you Maria! In other words, I loved every minute of it … So, here you go! Get ready for your ass to be kicked.

Boot Camp #1

This workout took 45 minutes, including a cool down. The majority of this this workout can down with either your own body weight or with free weights.


  • Ball Slams – I really couldn’t find a good video of these… but essentially you use a medicine ball, raise it above your head and slam it down as you move into a squat position. If you have anger, this exercise is for you. If you don’t have a medicine ball, I would still do these as squats with an overheard weight or kettlebell.
  • V Sit-Ups w/weight (I used 10lbs) – I suck at these, but I also have zero abs thanks to my kids :)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Power Plank Row – The further apart your feet, the “easier” (ha) this exercise is.
  • Walking Lunges – 1st set is done with weights above the head, 2nd set is done with bicep curls
  • Walking Push Ups – We did ours side-to-side across the length of the room. I could only  do these across half the floor. These mofo’s are HARD.
  • Hops – Probably my favorite exercise from the class. One big leap forward, followed by 2 small leap backwards. Harder than you’d imagine!
  • Squats w/Military Press
  • Russian Twist w/weight –  (I used 15 lbs) Pretty sure my obliques hurts for 4 days after I did these.
  • Commando Push Ups  (w/rollover) – I felt ridiculous, but these were actually really fun!
  • Sumo Squat w/weight – I used at 10 lb weight (could have gone heavier!)

I dare you to try this workout. Triple dog dare you, in fact. I KNOW it will make you sweat AND whine about how much your arms and legs hurt… for DAYS.

What’s your favorite workout that makes you hurt – in a good way?


  1. Maryellen says

    No Thanks.. I’ll let you continue to work out.. I saw how you were walking last week!! Enjoy your day…


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