Five for Friday: Things I Miss About Running

Oh hey, remember when I used to do this every Friday? It’s been a while!

Since I whined about how maybe I’m not really a runner anymore (but believe me, I know I still am!), let me tell you about the things I miss about running…because damn… I really do miss it.

1. The long run – Yes, I know that I might be considered certifiable by some, but the long run is definitely my favorite kind of run. The mornings are early (like 3am early), but there is just something about the long run that gets me out of bed. I miss logging 14-16-18 miles. I miss the conversational pace. I can’t wait to do that again!

2. The people – Of course, I miss this girl the most (even though I do get to see her every now and then!), but this spring my running group lead moved to Las Vegas and it just hasn’t been the same! I know he is enjoying Las Vegas, but I am selfish. I need to find new people to run with.

3. The races – Hands down the best part of running is racing. The night before jitters, the morning of jitters, the people, the inspiration, the medals, the post-race beer. I miss them all.

4. The food – When I’m running — my appetite is INSANE. Now, I still eat a lot (my friends can vouch for this), but I definitely can’t eat as much as I used to – and yes, this a bad thing. I love, love, love food. And I want to eat lots of it while I can and without major consequence.

5. The challenge – I can spin, I can strength train, I can Zumba (ok, I’ll probably won’t ever do that) — but nothing challenges me and gets my hear rate higher MORE than running. Nothing feels more natural either. It’s such an interesting balance – and a balance that I miss.

So now I’m ready to run a marathon again — who’s in? (kidding…not ready, YET)

Do you run? What do love about it? If not, what do you miss?


  1. says

    My running has been reduced by a lot this summer because of triathlon training and there are days where I miss the comfort of a long run and running with my friends. But, I am enjoying this change for now and every time I do run, I am able to run hard because I am rested so I am hoping I will benefit from this after triathlon season is over.
    Robin recently posted..RNR Providence Half Marathon 2012

    • says

      Girl, you have been a ROCKSTAR this summer with your tri training! I can’t believe you rode and ran last weekend (and worked!) and then ran a half marathon. I don’t know WHAT your secret is — but please pass it on :) I know you will jump right back into running when you get the chance. And I will sit back in awe :)

  2. Lee says

    I’ve been taking a break too (at least from distance running – I did a 5K last weekend) and as much as I hated planning my life around them, I miss the long runs too. I just can’t seem to get myself motivated enough right now though.
    Lee recently posted..Bootcamp Week 5

    • says

      I wish you lived closer – we could go on a long run together! I’m the same way the the long run. I WANT to do it, but the motivation is low. Maybe when it’s cooler and someone makes me get my ass out of bed.

  3. says

    I don’t really run well but I try! I can run for hours on a soccer field but put me on a straight road, and my will shuts down. For me, it is almost 100% mental. I am currently trying to break through the glass that is preventing me from being a true runner. I can’t wait to feel that natural runner’s high!
    Karen recently posted..My Heart Beats Strong and Cheerfully

    • says

      That runner’s high is the BEST! I read that soccer players run about 8 miles (of sprints!) in one game – so you definitely have it in you! Running really is so mental. I love running because it allows me to completely space out and just think about random stuff. It will come to you if you let it, but the key is letting it happen!

      PS – Just checked out your blog and your son is SOOO cute!

  4. says

    Yep, I run, although my weekly mileage is nothing spectacular at this time. I love that it allows me some time to get out there by myself and do something that is good for me. I love that I can think of nothing, or something specific, or just whatever randomness pops into my head. I also like the challenge of it.

    • says

      I love it when the most random things pop into my head I think about them for miles and then when I “wake up” and go “whoa – where the heck have I been?”

  5. Katie says

    Hi Michelle-
    I just started reading your blog and love it! I am training…need to get more serious…for my first full marathon in January. Do you have any tips?? I am super nervous and tend to doubt myself!

    • says

      I think my biggest tip is to stick with a training plan and make sure you know how to properly fuel yourself. Don’t skip any of the long runs – and if you can try to go 22-23 miles. One thing I wish I had done was recovery runs after long runs – I think they help you understand what it’s like to run those last 3-6 miles and get over the mental hurt you are going through. So I guess have a lot of tips :) And definitely have to get rid of that self doubt! You can do it. Just imagine yourself crossing that finish line!

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