Saturday Morning Motivation

I’ve been out of pocket the last few days and this trend will continue into this weekend. We are heading up to Tallahassee — land of my Seminoles to watch FSU crush Savannah State (who?).

So here’s your Saturday Morning Motivation…

(I’m pretty sure a whole bunch of UF Fans just closed this post).

We’ve been pretty excited about this trip for a while now. It’s our first visit back in 8 years! We are totally can’t wait to brainwash our children, eat at Po’ Boys and Gordos (yes, we get our Cajun and our Cuban fix in Tallahassee), and get our chop on.

Scalp ’em Seminoles!! (<- Let’s just hope nobody does any scalping in care during the 4 hour drive north!)

Happy weekend to all :)


  1. Maryellen says

    Good Luck on the drive up.. I’ve missed Tally.. but everyone’s graduated!! Go Seminoles!! Take lots of pictures of the kids and their expressions!! Oh..and have fun!!

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