Going Back to Tally

We left Saturday morning for Tallahassee. After a late night at Disney on Ice with Jackie Jovi – I wasn’t sure what time we’ve get on the road, but since my kids seem to be morning people (I have no idea where they got this trait) we were on the road by 9.

I’m not going to lie to you. It was a long drive.

Back in the day, a trip to Tally would take anywhere between 3-3.5 hours depending how much we were breaking the law. I feel very lucky that this trip only took 4 hours. The weather went from beautiful to rainy and the kids where not happy campers. I have never been so happy to see this sign (clouds and all):


Our first stop was a Tallahassee favorite — Po’ Boys. Thankfully, Po’ Boys expanded to North Tallahassee since we left town, and we didn’t have to fight the college kids for a table. There we met up with our friends (and Dan’s college roommate) – Brian and Trisha and their two girls.

Po’ Boys serves a variety of Cajun food – but by far the BEST item on their menu (and probably the #1 thing I miss about Tallahassee) is the fried pickles.

Po' Boy Fried Pickles oh how I've missed you...

I have not eaten better fried pickles anywhere else. Even in New Orleans.

B said today they were his favorite thing ever. I think my mission in life has pretty much been accomplished.

After lunch, we checked in our hotel (the newly opened Four Points Sheraton on Tennessee St, which I highly recommend.), made a quick stop to Bill’s Bookstore for some FSU gear, and then got ready for the game.



One of the best parts about our hotel was that they offered a free shuttle over to the game. Score! We made it there just in time to see the Marching Chiefs march by…


We walked around the University Center for a bit before heading into to Doak find out seats.


I actually had no idea where we were sitting (Brian bought the tickets), so I was pleseantly surprised!





I think this is the closest to the field I’ve ever sat. Of course, the last time I went to a game I was a student (let’s not talk about how long again that was).

The band kicked off promptly at 6

Followed by the national anthem  — where this happened (how funny is this picture?)


And the massacre began!


End of the 1st Quarter!

Now, we were playing a team who, last week, lost 84-0 — so expectations for a win were very, very high. We were not disappointed. We were there for almost 3 quarters and I’m pretty sure I have NEVER sung the FSU Fight Song so many times. The male cheerleaders run around the end zone with flags every time we score — and I was just exhausted for them.


The only thing disappointing about the game was the rain and the lightening (thankfully, we came prepared for the rain).



The game was suspended for a 2nd time (yes, we waited around during the first suspension) during the end of the 3rd quarter and we decided to head out. We ended up at Chili’s (where there was no shortage of beer, margaritas, and chips) before we realized that the game  had been officially been ended for good (giving us the win — 55-0). Glad we didn’t stick around!

Of course, today we woke up to beautiful skies and perfect weather (73 degrees and zero humidity!!).


Tallahassee, sometimes I do miss you. It was just so gorgeous!

After a quick breakfast, we decided to give the kids a tour of campus. We started with a drive by of the new (to us) Medical School and Psychology Building (I majored in Psych during undergrad and had to trek allllll the way across campus to get to class. No fair.) and then made a quick stop at the dorm where Dan and I both lived our Freshman Year  — Smith Hall.


This is where it all began for us!

We actually met a few Smith Hall residents on our walk back to the car last night and they confirmed that it had not changed at all since we lived there. No renovations for Smith! We then all cried when we realized they were 2-years old when we lived there. Damn it goes by fast.

After the quick stop, we parked at the Oglesby Student Union and we became extremely jealous of all of the food options that were not available to us when we were there. What the hell is up with them having Einstein Brothers, and a Chili’s? Crossroads, Rallys, and that bagel place (that I can’t remember the name of) isn’t good enough for them? Screw that.


We then walked across campus to the Wescott Fountain and took many photo stops on the way….






Landis Green (and Landis Hall)


Strozier Library







I apologize for being a complete cheeseball for a minute, but walking across campus just made me realize how much I really did love going to FSU. There’s just something about the architecture, the hills, the live oaks, and the people that made me fall in love with this school. And that feeling just never goes away. I can only hope to pass on this tradition to my kids!

After the brainwashing, we made one more stop before heading home — our first home.


Awww… It looks exactly the same. And damn, check out how big our yard was.

Thankfully, the ride back to Orlando was less eventful than the ride up and we spent the rest of today recovering. I’m not quite sure I’m ready for a busy week — but I guess I have no choice, huh?

I’m so happy we made it up to Tally this weekend — I’ve decided that 8 years is WAAAAY too long. Good thing we’ll be back up there again (adults only!) in October!!

When’s the last time you visited your college campus? 


  1. says

    Looks like SUCH a great weekend! And I actually laughed out loud (aka LOLed) at your headline. Very funny. I’m dying to take E. to Syracuse. This post reminds me of how DadJovi was with her when we took up to Duke in February. It’s equal parts exciting/equal parts makes you feel old as shit, huh?

    And your first home is adorable. Ahhhh, memories.

    Don’t worry, I’m working on the Disney on Ice post right now so you can steal some pics if you want, although you’ll have to contend with some blurry ones. Darn camera.
    Jackie Jovi recently posted..Legoland Florida: Get Ready to Wait

    • says

      God, I felt SOOOO old talking to those Freshman. Blew our minds when were realized how old we’ve gotten. Not that I would change anything!

      Take E to Syracuse! You can’t let DadJovi do all of the brainwashing :)

  2. says

    This post made me sad and extremely happy at the same time. Sad because it reminded me how much I miss FSU and happy because of how much I love FSU and loved going to school there. It really was an awesome 4 years and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world. I can’t wait to bring my kids up there one day to explore the campus and tell stories of how mommy and daddy met at school (though I might leave the stories out of flippin’ Tuesdays at AJs out for the first few years).
    Meghann recently posted..Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup

  3. says

    I haven’t been back to my school since about 2 years after I graduated. I don’t think I’d even recognize anything anymore – ALL of the dorms have been torn down & replaced with bigger/better/awesomer (yes, awesomer) student housing and most of the other buildings have been replaced!

    Can I just say that I love that you posted the FSU marching band??!! I was in marching band in college & our director, Doc Casavant, taught at FSU before coming to IUP! My freshman year we were in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade & FSU was there too…which was awesome! Both bands still played a certain song (I hope they both STILL do today) and both bands played together in the wee hours of the morning on the streets of NYC before the parade started. It is still one of my favorite memories from back then. (I’ll stop band-geeking out now…)

    Looks like you guys had a fabulous weekend – and is it just me or is B about a foot taller than he was when we met up in Feb? He looks super tall!
    Theresa @ActiveEggplant recently posted..Starting Over

    • says

      Did you go to IUP? My friend Jackie (not Jackie Jovi) went there as well. Probably around the same time as you! That’s really cool that you played with FSU! I love watching the band moving into different formations – so fun to see so many people work together like that, in time!

      Yeah – I’m pretty sure B has grown about 3 inches in the past 6 months! He’s in the 75th% in height for his age. I don’t notice until he’s around other kids (who are sometimes older than him by 6-9 months). I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though.

      • says

        You betcha! I was at IUP from 1996 to 2000!
        I think it’s great that you appreciate the challenge of marching band…so many people just dawg on it because “it’s band” without realizing how much work/how challenging it actually is. …but I’m a total band geek at heart…marched in high school and college, and marched in drum corps during the summers for 7 years until I got too old!
        Theresa @ActiveEggplant recently posted..Easy Does It

  4. jessey says

    I have not been back since 2 or 3 years after I graduated – it was for a wedding in the same town, but it was the middle of summer so there wasn’t a lot going on. It is a 6 hour drive (in hi-speed college-age driving) – I would love to go back at some point on my way to Toronto, but we have so many other places we want to visit besides Rochester, New York..

  5. Katie Fry says

    Awww. The memories! Sushi on campus? Wth???? And the freshmen were 2!?! That can not be right! Thanks for all the pictures. Miss it…and you :)

  6. says

    After a lot of indecisiveness on my part, I am currently 9 years removed from high school and recently became a born again college student. I’ve had my sites on FSU since I was little one. My older brother and sister in law graduated from there in the 90’s. We try to make a game every year, but its been almost 3 since I’ve been back.

    This post made my heart melt and reminds me what awaits me next fall.
    sabrina recently posted..Fall Goals

  7. Maryellen says

    You’re post made me smile.. I miss all the times I drove up to see you and your brother.. wow.. seems so long ago! Loved the pictures.. and YES, I do hope that B and L live up to your expectations and attend college there!! Its such a beautiful campus.. and its looks even nicer with all the renovations! (Except Smith Hall!).

    • says

      I know it’s silly, but the brick is what drew me into FSU. I didn’t even apply to Florida (even though the majority of my friends did)! I knew what I had imagined my college experience to be – and it was at that school!

      I felt a little bit like a creepy stalker stopping at the house, and the kids were so confused at why that wasn’t our house anyone, but I’m glad we did a little drive by :)


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