Workout Wednesday: Spin Mix #11

It’s been a while since I posted a spin workout, huh? Don’t worry, I am still obsessed with both going to spin class (today’s class was a KILLER!) and doing spin workouts on my own. In fact, it’s kinda been driving me nuts that I haven’t posted anything new. I just thought I would be nice and give you guys a break!

I can’t hold back any longer though — here’s a brand new list, with even more random music than ever before. Only I can mix Nicki Minaj with Ricky Martin and Mumford and Sons (<–can’t wait for their new album in TWO WEEKS!). I think it’s a gift. Or to some, it may be nauseating. Everyone is entitled to their opinion :)



Work Out:


Now, go forth and spin it out!

What would be on your most randomist playlist ever?


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        The awesome WPLS (the sound of Furman University) had an effective broadcast power of something like 10 watts at the time, so unless the weather was just right you could barely pick up the station outside of 300 feet. I doubt anyone but me heard that, but that is ok. On the rare occasions that the phone in studio rang with a request it would scare the hell out of me.
        jlo3133 recently posted..Humanity is still pretty awesome sometimes

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