Busy Week

This past week was a blur. I have been busy before — busier in fact than last week — but last week really knocked me on my ass and I’m still recovering.

It started slow on Monday – and thankfully I went to bed early because the rest of the week I was not so lucky. Tuesday kicked into high gear with meetings at work (our client was in town!) and an amazing dinner at Hillstone with my coworkers.


Where I mainly took pictures of dessert. By the way, I NEED to go back for more Apple Cobbler. AMAZING.



Thank goodness I am not a food blogger.

It was my suggestion to go here because a) it’s truly one of the nicest restaurants/views we have here in Orlando and b) almost nobody else had been! I think I converted a few people (they especially liked that we could bring our own wine and they would uncork it for free).

Wednesday meant more intense (and very productive) meetings at work and then I supposed to go this Lady Bloggers Meetup at Stardust. Instead, my car died at Jackie Jovi’s house and I spent most of the evening with her. I seriously owe DadJovi some cookies or cake because he stood out in the pouring rain and cleaned my battery terminals – and then finally jumped my car. Spoiler: I didn’t have to spend the night.


Yes, that is DadJovi in the rain.

We ended the night with ride around town and Pei Wei. Not the night we envisioned, but still fun!

That night I didn’t sleep very well, but I still enforced my 5:30am workout (that I skipped the day before), so I was in RARE form on Thursday. I’m fairly certain that my coworkers were about to throw me out the window because I was so loopy. BUT I made it through the day. Of course, I didn’t get to go home and go to bed early. No, instead I took my family to an advanced screening  of Wreck-It Ralph. Damn commitments.

I’ll officially review this next week, but my quick review is that you must add this to your list of movies to see in November — kids or no kids. It was a lot of fun and Disney proved that still have that magic touch, yes – without Pixar.

Of course, I woke up late on Friday and rushed around to make it work. It was also a random breakfast potluck and I HAD to make a pit stop. Good thing my coworkers are easy to please (and our work coffee is SO crappy).


Friday night my mom stayed over and that led to yep, you guessed it – a busy Saturday. There was baseball, and dance, and a quick cardio/upper body workout followed by lunch at my favorite bakery. Oh, and then we all sang that damn Polka-Dot Afro Circus song for the rest of the day because we watched Madagascar 3. DADADADADADADA CIRCUS DADADADADADA AFRO CIRCUS AFRO CIRCUS AFRO POLKADOT POLKADOT POLKADOT AFRO!!!!!!!!!!

You’re welcome (if it’s any consolation, I’m singing it again).

After the kids went to bed I was a SUPER party animal and made a trip to Dick’s and Target.


There are a lot of “That’s what she said.” jokes I could make about Dick’s, but it did fulfill my every {sporting good} need.

That leads us to today. Sweet Sunday. I was all set to wake up early today for my 10 miler, but the alarm went off and I did not get out of bed. Instead EVERYONE slept in and I finally got up about an hour later. I can’t say I didn’t need the sleep. Thankfully, it wasn’t one of those morning where it was 8am and already 85 degrees. Nope, it was actually 58 degrees when I left the house!



I did 10 solo miles and while the last 2 miles really killed my hips, I felt much stronger than I did just 2 weeks ago and there was not one single moment that I thought, “I hate running.” Progress!

This afternoon I happily attended Victoria’s baby shower.


It was a fun afternoon shower where Victoria scored some AWESOME gifts! Also, she looks AMAZING. I know she doesn’t feel like it, but she might be the cutest pregnant woman ever.

And now what I am doing?? RELAXING. Yes, I have hours of TV to catch up on and an hours of sleep I am never getting back. Not that I’m complaining – I had a busy, jam-packed week, but I can’t say I didn’t have a lot of fun!!

So what’d I miss? Anything exciting going on out there?


  1. says

    That is a ridiculously attractive pregnant woman. And don’t tell me all pregnant women are beautiful, because some just look bloated and swollen (aka, me if I ever get pregnant). That is one radiant lady!

    Nice job on the solo 10 AND not hating it! I *finally* have my running mojo back, too, and it’s such a relief! :)
    Melissa recently posted..Ultimately Disappointing

    • says

      Thanks for inviting me!! Despite me being completely awkward – your friends were really nice! Actually, I think one of your friends (the girl I was sitting next to in yellow) was at my brother’s wedding shower earlier this year (does her fiance work at CNL?).

      You are seriously the epitome of a glowing pregnant woman!! Where’d you get that dress?

  2. says

    We need to plan our next get-together asap. Seeing you TWICE this week almost makes up for the last month of no visitations. Oh wait, I’ll see you in Tally this weekend! Question: As a FSU alum, do you sing, “Going back to Tally, to Tally, to Tally” every time you visit? Because I would. And I might, even though I’ve only been there once before.

    I can’t wait to see Wreck-It Ralph! We’re going to the screening on Thursday. Plus, I’m psyched we get to bring more than one person to this one because otherwise, DadJovi would have to pretend to be MomJovi — he’s that excited to see it.

    I can’t wait to show him your picture of him in action. He pretty much considers it his greatest, most manliest achievement ever — fixing a car battery. In the rain. At night. Warding off snakes (his words). Oh brother. :)
    Jackie Jovi recently posted..My Mom’s Wedding

    • says

      Well we will need to make plans for our Argo date. Obviously this week/weekend is out. But yes, hopefully we can meet up in Tally! Gordos is calling your name already. I don’t sing that song the whole way up there, but I do think about it every now and then.

      We weren’t going to take Livie to see Wreck-It Ralph b/c she was SUCH a disaster with Brave – but I know that Dan reallllly wanted to go because he was like “we just have to take her.” LOL. Turns out she was great. Nothing against Merida, but apparently Vanellope Von Schweetz is more her style.

  3. Jeannie says

    My 4yo has been walking around the house singing ‘afro circus afro circus polka dot polka dot polka dot’ for the past week! The song feels like it is embedded into my brain now. Sadly, Madagascar 3 was one of the best movies that Husband I have seen in a long time in a movie theater. I’m looking forward to your review of Wreck-it Ralph, I’ve heard nothing but great things about that movie so far!

    I cannot get enough of this weather – it has been so beautiful. I ran my long run on Sunday, and loved that the temperature was 60F when I left the house. I am just hoping that fall is here to stay in Florida for now!

    And your pregnant friend looks amazing!
    Jeannie recently posted..Finally, fall is here!


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