See You In May

Don’t worry, you aren’t getting rid of me (it’s not THAT easy), but there are a few things that I should let you know I’ve had to give up lately, at least until May.

It’s pretty unfortunate, actually. I mean, we ARE talking about  a few of my favorite things.

Time for my favorite wine.


Finally perfected our margarita recipe! Salud!



But my loss, is definitely also my gain!

See you in May!

You knew this was coming, right? Yes, I MAY have been keeping something from you these last 12 weeks.

I am thrilled to share my family’s exciting news — Baby Wright #3 (BW3) is due May 8th, 2013!!

And yes… we are crazy.


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    Congratulations!! So happy for you Michelle! I can’t wait to see how your pregnancy goes and then of course adjusting to life with three kiddos. It will be great, I am sure!
    Leah recently posted..Maternity Leave

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      My baby brother is a May baby and I have to admit I was always jealous! I’m just soooo happy it’s not a middle of the summer baby (May IS technically summer here). Been there, don’t that – never again :)

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    LOVE the ultrasound picture. Your mom is right (I think she said it on FB?), the ultrasound picture is SO clear. Hello in there little BW3! I think your gut feeling is right — I sense a boy, too. And I’m usually pretty accurate with these things (well, it is a 50/50 chance) but I’m getting boy feeling too. Yeah! Can’t wait!
    Jackie Jovi recently posted..I’m Living With a Walker

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      Yes – my mom said that on FB! Technology is SO amazing. We could see the freakin’ BRAIN of the baby (I wish she had gotten a screen shot of that) as in the two lobes clear as day!

      Most people have been telling me girl – and I haven’t had any dreams yet, but I have always thought if I had a 3rd it would be a boy (and I was right about having a boy first and a girl second). Guess we will find out in May!!

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      Thank you!! Three is definitely going to be interesting. Two is sometimes easier than one (at least they entertain each other!), but three is going to be a different game altogether.

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      Thank you!! The technology they have now is SO amazing. It wasn’t even this clear 4 years ago when I was pregnant with L! I mean, you can see the kid’s nose and mouth – at 12 weeks.

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      Thanks!! Your pregnancy posts have definitely inspired me to keep running. I haven’t done any consistent running in my previous pregnancies so this should be interesting!

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    May 8th! That’s my sister’s birthday! Awesome day to come in the world if you ask me! Congrats! I was wondering what was happening. I knew you had cut back on running since you guys were trying and all of a sudden you’re registering for a half marathon?! Sneaky! Sneaky!! Congrats to the whole fam! This is great news :)
    Meghann recently posted..Stretch it out

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      I actually saw Kelly at the UCF 5-miler and shared the news — I should have told her I was due on the 8th!! That’s too funny! My luck (and past experience) this kid will decide to hang out for a little longer – but the 8th would definitely be nice.

      I feel a little crazy registering for races when I’m pregnant (I registered for OUC RIGHT before I found out – but I definitely committed to ZOOMA after!) but I think you can do ANYTHING when you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is not a disability (unless of course I become high risk)! Even I’m walking the race in January, I’m going to finish those 13.1 miles (I do plan on running the majority of OUC – can’t wait!!). Thanks for the congrats :)

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        I just meant that I assumed you had registered for the halves because you weren’t prego (and I knew you were cutting back on races since you were trying), so it was a happy surprise to see that you are prego and that you are still doing the races. More power to ya! I hope to be in your prego running shoes one day!
        Meghann recently posted..Stretch it out

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          Oh – I didn’t mean that you thought I was crazy. Ha ha! I knew what you meant — and yes, I was definitely being sneaky. It was so hard not to say anything!! I just got on my high horse because I’ve always gotten weird looks or “you’re nuts” comments for working out as much as I have in my past pregnancies. I hope you are in my shoes someday too!!

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      Woot!! Hey whatever works to get you to that sub-2:00 PR. If you think about it, this is really some elaborate planning we’ve got going on here. Dan had no idea. LOL.

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      It’s funny – there were certain people I felt just knew (based on comments they left or whatnot) and one of them was definitely you! I’m sure that losing my mojo definitely had something to do the fact that I felt like crap and wanted to stay curled up in the fetal position all day — but thankfully I DO think it’s bad a little bit. Just slower and a little more cautious :) But thank you — and I have to admit, your little guy has definitely not helped my baby fever!

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        HA…I was wondering if there were people you thought might know. When someone says they want to start trying the thought doesn’t leave my head. :) :)

        I’m seriously so darn excited for you!!! Connor gives a lot of people baby fever. He’s a lady’s man already. I’m in trouble! I have never “known” you when you were pregnant so I’m looking forward to hearing more about your journey!
        Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength recently posted..Momma’s Priorities

  4. Maryellen says

    So happy for everyone..Hope you are feeling better..Love the nickname..BW3.. mmm..sounds like a name is in the making!! Let me know if you need ANYTHING.. #3’s are so sweet!! Im here for you and the your family.. Congrats.. and best of health!! Love YA..Mom

  5. Emily E. says

    Congratulations!! I had a feeling we would be getting a baby announcement soon! I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and I could tell that something was different!

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    Oh my goodness!!! Congratulations!!! I would have never suspected this over the last few weeks! No wonder your energy has been low for running lately! Cute way to announce, and sorry for coming late to the party! Again, congratulations!

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