Workout Wednesday: Spin Mix #12

It’s a while since I posted a new workout and especially long time since I posted a new spin mix. To be honest, while spin has been my “go to” workout in past pregnancies, I’ve found it really hard this time around. Sure, I’ve taken a few classes here and there, and I’ll still do a few solo spin workouts, but it’s been challenging keeping my heart rate down.

I think part of this challenge was because I’m stubborn. I was having a hard time accepting that I needed to drop rpms and gears — and stop doing sprints. Previously, I just went off of what felt challenging to my body – this time I was focusing on metrics and numbers. So, I’ve recently discovered that numbers aren’t always a good thing. I’ve since switched my mindset. I’m still looking at those numbers, but I’m not worrying about what they say. And when I TRY to do something (like sprints) and it gets my heart rate sky high? I modify it. Duh.

So long story short – I’m back to spin! I actually went to my first class in weeks today and it hurt so good. In other news, I pigged out during my work Thanksgiving potluck today. Mmmm. I am certainly thankful for good food.

Here’s the latest spin mix playlist…

Spin Playlist 12

Quirky and explicit – as always (would you expect anything else?)

and the lastest Spin Workout….

Spin Mix 12

And here’s my 15 week belly shot. You can’t tell from this picture, but my belly button has already popped. It wasted no time.

15 weeks! Belly button has already popped.

As for the other 11 Spin Workouts?? They are right here:

What brings out your stubbornness?


  1. says

    You are SO tiny! SO cute!

    As soon as I’m able to get back to biking (next week), I’m going to give one of your spin workouts a try. I LOVE those songs and those workouts sound awesome!
    Ara recently posted..Turkey Day!

  2. Genelle says

    You look fantastic for being 15 weeks pregnant! I’ve yet to get pregnant but already know I’ll resemble a small beached whale. I’ve never tried spinning but I just might now after seeing all of your spinning workouts. Thank you!
    Genelle recently posted..Bootcamp Orientation

    • says

      Thanks! I really lucked out in the pregnancy genes department — although I thought for sure I would blow up, so I was surprised!! Definitely try spin – it’s so fun.


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