My Wild And Crazy {Super Lame} Weekend

Ahhh…the weekend before Thanksgiving. How did we get here already?

I wish I could say that I did a ton of stuff this weekend, but the majority of this weekend I spent sleeping. I went to bed early Friday night, last night, and I’m pretty sure tonight will be a three-peat. Guess this baby is growing or something?

We were relatively busy the hours I wasn’t dreaming in bed. Friday night L had a school Thanksgiving performance. Her preschool class sang 2 songs about Thanksgiving (along with the PreK class and the after school kids). All of the kids were really cute.

Ready for her preschool Thanksgiving performance.


Her school opted to celebrate Thanksgiving this year instead of Christmas, which is FINE with me! Christmas is too hectic as it is. They also did a canned food drive and gave away 2 Publix gift cards to families in need. It made me tear up. Although, what doesn’t these days?

After we celebrated with a trip to Sweet Frog, the new frozen yogurt place that just opened up literally across the street. I will be back. Many, many, times. They had a huge selection of yogurt (or like 20) and pretty much anything wanted for toppings.




I am not adventurous with my yogurt. I usually stick with tart and fruit. Boring.

Saturday was B’s last baseball game of the season.


He really loved playing — and was especially proud of his medal.


I was just really happy it was a medal, trophies take up too much space.

After the game I fit in a spin/upper body workout and then we meet my friend Tracy for lunch. There are no pictures of this because we both looked scary and really you don’t need to see that. While the kids were napping, I cleaned the bathroom and thought about cleaning other rooms.

For dinner, I was supposed to cook Curry Chicken, but I was feeling extremely lazy and instead we picked up some pizza. Sausage, mushroom, and spinach for me, please.

Today I set my alarm to get up early to run my last double run until my next race (!!!) – except I totally turned it off and slept in until 7:45. No big deal though, the weather was pretty grey and windy so I was still able to take advantage of the cooler temps. I left the house around 9 and four bathroom stops later (I’m pretty sure I saw at least 10 people I knew at Walgreens, 7-Eleven and Publix — and a nice older Asian man struck up a conversation with me about running while pregnant) I made it home.

So, in the end I ran 10 miles in 1:47 (this did not include the bathroom stops, but it include walk breaks) and I felt really good. The last 3 miles consisted of a brutal headwind that reminded me of the miles of highway I ran in Savannah last year. Yeah, wind is still my nemesis.

The afternoon was pretty low key. It involved a trip to Starbucks (I had to take advantage of that BOGO deal they had going on, don’t worry I shared!) and a trip to Publix. I am fully stocked for Thanksgiving!

Here’s my Turkey-Day Menu:

I’m already excited about Thursday!!

The store was surprisingly low key today, so I was in and out in zero time. Is everyone waiting until Wednesday to shop? It was  like the Twilight Zone.

When I got home I immediately started on dinner… this awesome find from Pinterest.


I used chicken sausage instead of pork sausage and Blue Moon beer instead of a German Oktoberfest beer (PS – it was somewhat torturous to open the beer and not drink it). It was really easy (the hard part was waiting for the potatoes to soften) and a huge hit. I’m pretty sure  nobody had a clue that there was cabbage in there.

While the food cooked, B played catched with his Uncle Adam.


Gotta love the shorts/sweater combo.


and L made pizza on the iPad. She comes up with some very, umm, interesting combinations.


Future chef?

We finished up the night bawling while watching Toy Story 3 (ok, it could have been me bawling) and now, I’m seriously considering going to bed soon. I have a busy week ahead of me — including a Dr. appointment and a hair appointment (I’m pretty sure the last time I got my hair down was February?), so I might as well get in all the sleep while I can!

What’s on your Thanksgiving day menu? Any hair recommendations? I’m going for a trim (I don’t want to lose the length) and highlights (gotta cover up those greys!).


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      Yes! One of my coworkers lives in Newport News and was actually telling me about how much she liked Sweet Frog — and then voila! 2 weeks later there was a sign up saying it was opening soon. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving too!

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    I love this kind of weekend and honestly, it’s not lame. It’s perfect. :) My husband had his wisdom teeth out so we had a super low key weekend and I kind of loved that we had forced down time and family time. :) People are so good about planning the menu. I kind of think of ideas, buy some stuff and then wing it. Bad? :)
    Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength recently posted..Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

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      It IS perfect – for the most part! I hope your hubby is feeling better. Wisdom teeth are no joke!

      Ha ha about winging the menu! I’m not usually a big planner, but I do get overwhelmed at the grocery store without a plan and then I end up there every day of the week! I hope you guys have an awesome Thanksgiving :)

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    Will you teach my kid how to eat please? That looks so good and I guarantee there’s no way I could get E. to take a bite. I can’t believe I’m the parent with the picky eater. I EAT EVERYTHING.

    Um, yeah, the first five times I saw TS3 I sobbed uncontrollably. Not just cry, SOBBED. When they hold the hands in the fire pit? When Andy is playing Bonnie? When Andy is going to college?!? When the toys watch him drive away from the porch? Sob. Sob. Sob. SOB. That movie is pure evil for parents.
    Jackie Jovi recently posted..Let the Holidays Begin!

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      It’s not that my kids don’t whine about the food they have to eat – believe me, I hear “I don’t want this.” every night — but I admit I’m hardcore. If they don’t want it, then they can go to bed without eating (I think that’s only happened once, btw). They are weird because they love certain veggies (for example -they fight over who gets more asparagus) and hate certain meats (they still aren’t big fans of burgers).

      That’s EXACTLY when I start crying and then I can’t stop. It’s horrible!!!

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      Yeah – I haven’t watch it in a while. It was the on the Disney Channel this weekend (a channel you probably don’t watch at the moment, lol), and I got sucked it!

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    L’s hair is getting so long!

    Can I please come to your house for Thanksgiving? Your menu looks amazing. Actually, can I come to your house for all my meals? I’ll take some of that stew, too.

    Nice 10! I love the little Asian man asking you about the running while pregnant. People can be so cute!
    Melissa recently posted..St. Petersburg Women’s Half Marathon

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