The Night My Car Was Christened

Saturday night was my annual work holiday party.


Last year we had the party in the upstairs area of a restaurant where we got 2 free drink tickets and then we had to pay (but if I recall correctly, we all ended up drinking for free by the end of the night).


My hair was also really short last year…

This year, my company moved the party to a clubhouse, had it catered, and decided to have open bar.



How cute are the strawberry snowmen?? (and for the record, there was no meat in that trifle)

I volunteered to drive several of my friends and coworkers (who you might recognized from this post – it’s awesome working with good friends!). If I was going to be sober, then people better be drinking for me.


christmas party 2012 360

christmas party 2012 443

Oh hey there squinty eye…

christmas party 2012 473

The night started off (before we even left) with a squirrel incident, but we got back on track with a toast.


And as soon as we got to the party the liquor started flowing.




To be honest, I’ve never been at a work function before where people just let loose. It was fun watching everyone do shots and thinking, “Man they are really going to regret this tomorrow.”

I’m pretty sure at like half of them did.

While I was there, I did get to hold a 5 week old newborn. Man, I forgot how small babies are.

christmas party 2012 479

Around 11:30 we headed home – not realizing that the night was not even close to being over.

christmas party 2012 474

First I got lost (we were not even remotely close to home). Then I had to pull into a 7-Eleven. Not because I needed directions. Nope. But because a certain someone got sick in my car. Someone quickly turned into two people… because you know how that goes. We then we spent an hour and a half at the gas station. AN HOUR AND A HALF. Thankfully, the attendee working was really nice. I went and visited him at least 4-5 times for napkins. He said that he sees this stuff all the time. I’m not quite sure he meant that he sees 30-40-somethings getting sick in a minivan.

Oh, wait…

I, truthfully, was not amused but I tried to keep a good game face. Or I tried to. There MUST be something about me because this seems to be a trend when I am DD. I think I need to stick with being the drinker.

Thankfully by 2:30 everyone was home safe and sound — and the puking had stopped. In the end, it was a good night and there’s now A LOT of look back and laugh about. However, my new car no longer smells like new car. In fact it has less than 1400 miles on it and it’s already been hit (and fixed) and puked in. Fantastic. I guess that’s what I get for thinking one of my kids would be the one to christen my car with puke. Hmmm…I was definitely wrong about that one.

‘Tis the season…


  1. Rachel says

    You literally had me laughing out loud with that one. Glad everyone had a good time and hopefully the hangovers weren’t too bad.

  2. says

    Oh God. That seriously blows. I guess you need barf bags in the back??? I’m sure the time they spent sitting in the shower wishing their lives were over the next day evens things out a tiny bit. Hangovers in your 30s? Not cool, man. Not cool.
    Melissa recently posted..Safe in the City

    • says

      I have considered putting barf bags on my Christmas list. Although, I have also considered buying Dan some barf bags as he was one of the pukers. And I can tell you the next day was not pretty – but I had absolutely ZERO sympathy!!

  3. says

    OH noooooo! I’ve been the puker and it’s awful. You feel awful physically and awful for doing that. Thankfully, the two worst in-motion puking incidents I had were on a plane (barf bag handy!) and on a bus (barf bag not handy. I had to use my purse. It was awful). That’s why I can’t drink anymore if I think I’m going to be moving for awhile (i.e. no pre-flight or in-flight drinks; no drinking on small boats; no drinking if I have to ride in the back of a car, etc). If it’s a short cab/car ride, I’m usually OK.

    One time in college, my boyfriend puked all over my friend’s parent’s brand-new car, with his head hanging out the Cross Westchester Expressway. Before he got his head out the window, it got into the side pockets of the door. They were not amused.

    Glad I got to smell the new car smell while I still had the chance!

    Ahh, holiday parties. Next year, you’ll be so overdue for a big night out so they can return the favor, hopefully without the puking and certainly without the hangover since kids don’t allow for a proper hangover recovery.
    Jackie @ MomJovi recently posted..Countdown to my Insanity

    • says

      I knew that Dan was going to puke before we even got into the car (because yes, he was the first one to get sick, of course). I should have just rolled down the window from the start. I don’t know what I was thinking!!

      Yes, next year I look forward to no puking and fun night out – and hopefully the kids will be with one of their grandparents :)

    • says

      I was wondering if anyone would get the Friends reference :)

      LOL to being the one to do that. I bet you felt so guilty! Sometimes you just don’t know how drunk you are until you’re puking. Hee.

  4. Devon says

    Dude! You should have gotten permission before posting that dancing pic!! ;)

    Just so you know…I thought you held it together really well. I might have snapped. And the ladies in the third row were having an AWESOME time!! 7-11 snacks and drinks helped us pass the time ;)

  5. says

    Glad to be able to start reading blogs again and to come back to this post as the first post back to your blog. While funny, I have been there and it’s definitely no fun. Especially if you are completely sober. Sounded like awesome holiday work party though! ;o) We don’t have those at Lame Inc.
    iJason recently posted..I am a Phoenix!

    • says

      Glad you’re back!!

      Yeah, being completely sober around puking drunk people is definitely not my idea of a good time. Thankfully, the party was really fun!

      Dan doesn’t have a Holiday Party either. Super lame!

  6. says

    Oh no! That really stinks (literally!). Holding a 5 week old must have been so sweet. It’s been so long since I’ve held a tiny baby that I’m not going to know what to do in a couple weeks :)

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