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I feel I should be telling you that in a few weeks I will running my next half marathon or that I have my eyes set on a new PR. It feels really WEIRD to not have any race plans. right now I guess the same thing happened last spring when I ran Sarasota and took the summer off, but at that point I was burned out.  This time, well – I have a good excuse, but I’m mentally in a different place. I WANT to run — and patience is NOT my virture.


So what do I do when I can’t run? I plan.

Paula and I have been discussing our fall racing schedule and the list is getting bigger and bigger. This is what happens when you take two racing junkies and give them an “off season.” I know Paula is still racking up those race medals while I’m out of commission, but I think we would both agree it’s not the same.


At the same time, I know I will only be able to do so much with an infant. Reading this girl has helped give me a reality check. Every baby is different. I am only hoping that this one sleeps (and takes a bottle!) and I can fit in some kind of running schedule. I’m not counting on anything though – so the races I’m targeting or somewhat spaced out. This is also why there are no plans for a marathon until 2014. I would LOVE to run another marathon – but I want to train for it properly and it takes a lot of time. Time that I will most likely be spending with a small child hanging off my boob.


Yeah. Sure.

So here’s a list of where I really, really want to race in the fall/winter — or at least these are the races we are talking about right now. Can I make it happen? We’ll see.

Miracle Miles 15K


I did this one in 2011 – and this will be the 15th year. It’s my first attempt to get back into racing. It’s local and it’s usually in September – so chances are it’s going to be hot, but it’s a good “first race back.”

St. Augustine Half


I know nothing about this race except I love St. Augustine – so why not!

Space Coast Half


Paula was going to run this one last year (I was going to cheer her on) and then she caught the flu – so it’s going to have to happen this year instead! I know a lot of people who have PR’d on this course. I’m NOT expecting a PR, but wouldn’t that be nice?

OUC Half


It’s usually the week after Space Coast, so this one will be for fun (wait aren’t all of them?). I’m also *hoping* that this girl, and this girl will also be joining along. And a certain person from Austin. And maybe a few of my non-blogging friends.. *ahem* Kate and Tracy.

ZOOMA Florida


Assuming this race returns – I will be back too, hopefully with tons of friends this time! Girls weekend anyone?

Tallahassee Half  (for some reason this site isn’t working for me)


It’s an out-and-back course (which aren’t my favorite), BUT a lot of it is on the St. Marks Bike Trail and it begins and ends on FSU campus near the  stadium. I’m in!

I haven’t officially registered for ANY of these races, but planning out these races gets me through this point next year and what can I say, I love a good plan (I’m not even going to start on my post-pregnancy running goals!).

Now I just have to work on baking this baby…

What races are on your list? Any that I should consider?


  1. says

    That No Paula pic made me LOL. I should be behind you with my pointer finger up! hee!

    I have a weird suspicion we are going to do most, if not all of these. Well, except Miracle Miles for me. Although, I could always park in one of the garages and walk around for 9.6 miles lost and get in an unintentional 15k.

    Oh, and I really think we should do Tallahassee. I’ve never been there and you can show me around town!
    Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run recently posted..Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

    • says

      Lol about parking and walking around. Oh man I forgot about that. I think you were still looking for your car and I was at HOME. LMAO.

      Tally would be soooo fun – if anything because there are so many fun places to drink afterwards. We might need to stay for 2 nights.

  2. says

    I’m in the same boat right now. It absolutely kills me to watch people run while I’m stuck walking or doing the elliptical. I envy them probably more than what is healthy. I’ve been focusing on my plan of action for training after he makes his entrance. But you’re right there’s no way to know how needy they are going to be. I’ve decided to buy a treadmill (dreadmill) for the garage so I can be close if he’s more needy than I anticipated. I have a rather lofty goal of a marathon in November but worst case scenario I can drop down to the half marathon event. We’ll get through this and back to our crazy running selves I know it!
    Carissa Dukes recently posted..Calcium Deficiency During Pregnancy

  3. Meg M. says

    Space Coast Half is on my calendar too! I am hoping it will be my big return to running post-babe race. But I’m not registering for it until the last minute, we’ll see how everything goes…ya know, returning to running, returning to work, figuring out this Mom stuff, breastfeeding (bonus points if you squirt someone with milk on the race course!), sleeping, etc. The one thing that gives me hope is I know plenty of women that have done it so it gives me a little bit of confidence that maybe, just maybe, I can do it too. :)

    • says

      Yes you can do it!! Are you still running now?

      I have all of these big plans to return to running in June and then I remember it’s going be to hot and humid. Doh. I see a lot of walks up for frozen yogurt during maternity leave though (you can see where my priorities are!).

      • Meg M. says

        Sadly, I’m not running anymore. :( I’ve been having major sciatic/low back/hip/butt pain so I stopped running. I don’t think running caused it, but it certainly wasn’t helping. I’ve been going to physical therapy and that’s been helping a lot. I have a stationary bike at home so I’ve been riding that 3-4 times per week. It’s not the same as running, but it’s at least something. It’s like spin class for one haha! I’m also still doing yoga.

        Mmm yes, we definitely need to walk to FroYo! How much maternity leave are you taking? I will be off for the full 12 weeks. :) I may call you in a crying panic when Chris goes back to work and I am left to care for a newborn human all by myself lol!

        • says

          You’re going to do great!! It’s definitely a learning experience, but you’ll ease into it. We’ll definitely have to meet up for some “play dates” during our leave though. I know after a few weeks I get antsy.

          I’m taking 8-9 weeks off depending on how much vacation I can save up – I WISH I could take off 12.

          Ugh on the sciatic pain – but hey, at least you are still getting your workouts in. That’s awesome! I don’t know how much longer I’ll be running either – the end is nigh!

    • says

      Yes come down and run it. Cocoa is actually really close to me — we will have to plan a meetup sometime when you are visiting!

      Sometimes flat is deceiving – not to say that I LOVE hills, but courses with (small) rolling hills are my favorite. Flat courses wear on my hips a lot!

      • says

        Yeah, I don’t think I could run flat ALL the time; I don’t mind rolling hills. But sometimes it’s a nice change. I ran a 5K along the beach in NJ and it was awesomely flat. So different from home.

        I’d love to meet up sometime! We’ll be there in a few weeks but it will be a very quick visit. I’ll let you know for next time. We’ll see how baby does with travel (and how our bank account is) but hopefully we’ll be able to visit again in the not-too-distant future. :)
        Jen recently posted..I shouldn’t give this any attention but I am pregnant & cranky so…

  4. says

    I got an e-mail last night saying registration for the Chicago Marathon is about to open. I thought about signing up for about 35 seconds before I deleted the e-mail. haha

    I’m not sure what other races I’ll do this year! I would love to do the St. Augustine Half and if Zooma did another race I would love to run that again. I’ve got nothing on my radar right now though. If I ever did decide to do a marathon I would want to do it big and run the Napa Valley Marathon so I could celebrate with copious amounts of wine.
    Ashley@cupcakesncrunches recently posted..The Love Bug

  5. says

    At least you live in FL and have a few races in the fall/winter that you can do. :) I’m sure you’ll do great once the baby gets here & you can get in to racing more.
    Ara recently posted..Clean Eating


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