Operation Closet Clean Out – Part 1

While I can’t say this has been the most relaxing weekend ever – it was pretty productive and fun.

A few weeks ago I started my Great Organization Project and I am happy to report that it is officially in full swing! I kicked things off and headed to Target and bought a few important items (some shoe racks, curtains, shower rods, and a lifetime supply of storage bins). Almost $300 later (yes, you read that number correctly) I was ready to get crack-a-lackin’. If only someone wanted to do it for me? So yeah, I bought it and then it just kind of sat there. For a week. Or two.


Last weekend, however, I recruited the hubby and we started cleaning out the guest room (soon to be baby’s room). We emptied out the armoir (which will soon be moving to L’s room) and the closet and then felt depressed because despite throwing away 5 bags of who knows what and at least 3-4 more boxes of crap — it looks like we did nothing to the room. In fact, it looks worse. I swear we did a lot of work.


Close your eyes, mom.

I’m happy to say that this weekend we finally got somewhere. This time we raided L’s closet.


Who knew you could hid that much crap in a 3-year’s old closet?? 

We hung up the curtains in lieu of the doors (L picked out the color) and I got to work organizing.


Iron you say? Who needs to iron?

It was actually wayyyy easier than I imagined and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.


The finished product?


In the next week or so we will be moving the guest room furniture into her room and the transformation will be complete! She’ll actually have more storage space once we move the furniture – but as it stands now we don’t really need it. If anything we just need to find out if we are having a boy or a girl and we could get rid of gazillion storage bins of clothes (don’t get too excited, that’s still not happening until May).

Up next is B’s closet. He has less shoes and clothes to store (let’s face it – boys are much lower maintenance), but has way more toys with tiny parts. Legos, Beyblades, and Action Figures with small tiny accessories are his life! I’m going to try to take advantage of the storage bins as much as possible. Tiny pieces + baby = dangerous.

Not related to closet organization – but just house stuff in general, we finally bought a new kitchen table a few weeks ago!


Tables are so exciting!

We’ve lived in our house for 7 years and we haven’t had one (we DO have a dining room table that use during the holidays) – isn’t that sad? The best part is that instead of eating in front of the TV (which is what we were doing) we now sit down and enjoy dinner as a family. What a novel idea!

Oh and that fun part of the weekend? Well, the rest of the weekend was spent working out (I guess that’s fun – if you considering not being able to feel your legs, ass, shoulders, and chest fun!), hanging out with friends playing Just Dance on the Wii, and just spending time together as a family.

They've got moves like Jagger.

Ok, so there might have been a little frozen yogurt involved.
Fulfilling today's craving.

Suffice to say – we are all pretty exhausted.

I could use that relaxing weekend right about now…


  1. jim says

    wow Michelle you did a lot of work looks good do you know anything about Altra zero drop running shoes ? and what shoes do you run in thanks.

    • says

      I might be looking for something to do nesting-wise at the end of April – so I’ll see what I can do! Ha ha. Baked goods are always a good form of payment :)

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