Move Monday: Pushups

There are seriously 120(+) ways to do a pushup  and guess what? I am not going to show you how to do any of them. But wait, don’t go anywhere! I may not be modeling any of these moves for you (although, that might be hilarious), I did create this reference for you. Below are 20 push variations — starting with standard, and moving into some of the craziest, wackiest pushups I’ve ever seen! Seriously, watch the videos!


  1. Standard 
  2. Modified 
  3. Standing Wall
  4. Military
  5. Wide Arm
  6. One Arm
  7. Diamond
  8. Stability Ball
  9. Medicine Ball
  10. Front Clap
  11. Depth Plyo
  12. Hindu
  13. Pyramid
  14. Rotational
  15. Walk Out 
  16. Walk Over with Twist
  17. Plyo Continuous
  18. Push Back
  19. Stability and Abs Pike
  20. Rolling

For the longest time I hated pushups. And then I started running. And I got dinosaur arms.


 Big legs, tiny arms (big head is questionable).

That is just not sexy people.

Pushups are seriously the BEST way to tone your arms and back without anything BUT your body weight. And since they also work your core they are a serious triple threat. Bottom line: Pushup are a bitch, but pushups are your friend. Basically, they’re that bitchy friend who stands up for you and makes you look great. Nothing wrong with that.

People have started asking me if and how I can still do pushups – and the answer is yes! I am currently doing the modified pushup, although in a few weeks I may have to switch to a standing wall push up, but pushups are part of my 40+ week plan.

What’s your favorite way to do a pushup? Can you do any of the crazy ones? I’d love to be able to do a clapping pushup someday.


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      I feel like I SHOULD be able to do them, but can’t either. Although I should try to do the regular ones more often (you know, eventually). Maybe I will surprise myself!

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    I heart that T-rex pic. I actually used to have it on my cube wall when I first started working out…both because it motivated me to do pushups and because it makes me giggle.

    On that list, I think the depth plyo and rollover variations look the hardest. I think I’ll hold off trying them until I can do a standard pushup though…I’ve always done modified!
    Theresa recently posted..Tuesday Truths

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      That depth plyo looks insane, right? The pyramid looks crazy too. My arms are tired just watching that dude. I would like to eventually stop doing “girl” pushups and do a standard one – I mean, it can’t be THAT hard.

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    I SUCK at push ups. I wish I was better at them. I guess the only way to get better at them is to do them, huh? Guess I should start doing them more.


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