Move Monday: Squats

It’s Move Monday and I have a confession to make: I LOVE SQUATS.

I wouldn’t have made this declaration a year ago. Or maybe even 6 months ago. Until recently, I didn’t realize how awesome squats are for your body. You see, I have possibly the world’s flattest ass. Running doesn’t help, by the way. It just makes it flatter. But squats? They give me a little boost. Plus they are great for both increasing functionality AND flexibility – and they give me kick ass legs. Oh – and there’s also this little tidbit:

Source: via Nina on Pinterest


Like pushups, there are probably hundreds of ways to do squats. Actually, if you Google “Squats” you will find that there is an all out war what people consider the best way to do one. Is there one way that’s better than the others? From what I gathered – No. Honestly, the BEST way to do a squat is to ensure you are using proper form. A form that works for YOUR body and YOUR flexibility level. If you aren’t using the correct form (and I see it ALLLL the time), you aren’t working your muscles efficiently or effectively. And basically, it’s just a waste of your time.  Here’s a video breaking down the basic proper form.

Here are a few other varieties – in case you want to mix up your squat workout. Or you have a perference on how to do them. Personally, just a regular squat with dumbells on my shoulders works for me!

Front Squat

Split Squat

Back Squat

Crossfit Squat

Goblet Squat

Sumo Squat

If you were wondering WHERE in your workout you should do squats – I tend do them first.Why? There’s a reason that babies squat so often when they are learning how to walk — squatting builds the foundation for your legs. Squats are a compound exercise that target all the muscles in your butt, hips, and thighs (not to mention your core). By doing them first (after a warm up of course!), you can use a heavier weight (or do then more effectively in proper form) to exhaust your muscles. Basically, if you do them first you get the most bang for your buck! Of course, this is recommended advice for a beginner. It’s always good to add variation to your workouts – so once you have mastered squatting it may be easier to shift the exercise to the end or middle.

Regardless of your squat philosophy or when you do them during your workout – one thing is clear: DO SQUATS.


What’s your stance on squats? Do them? Love them? Hate them?