Workout Wednesday: Lucky Spin Mix #13

It’s been a few months since I posted a new spin workout. I was actually inspired create spin mix #13 (woo! Lucky 13!) because of the class I went to this morning. I love the woman who teaches the class and she is an incredible — INCREDIBLE — athlete (I’m planning on working with her post-baby to get back into racing shape – she is the tri-coach and organizes a running group), BUT her playlist sucks, I wanted to die from boredom, and I just kept thinking about what music I would be playing instead.

Truthfully, I hate playlists where all of the music has the same beat and is the same style. Have you noticed?? Having a break in songs and song style is what makes spin class so motivating to me (because face it – riding on a spin bike/trainer is a bit like going nowhere on a treadmill!). Some people love the continuous, never-ending songs — but not me. I need variety! So here’s the lastest…

The playlist:


Whenever I create a playlist, I think, “Could this BE more random?” I think I always outdo myself!

*Thanks to my friend Kari who recommend the Icona Pop song to me — I love it!*

The workout:


Now go forth and get sweaty.

Do you have fitness instructors that you love and hate? What makes the difference for you? For me it’s a) music,  b) energy/tone, c) the actual workout. I want people to PUSH and challenge me. I don’t go to the gym to look cute. 

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